Sunset Fire Show at JW Marriott Phuket Thailand.

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Beautiful Thailand
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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a GoPro camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I have no family here, and I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

If I make you smile, and you want this channel to continue, you can help support 20 Seconds in Thailand and keep this channel alive the following ways. & (Thank you )

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expo7112 says:

Is that a bar girl splashing around for the tourists?

David W. says:

What a show! Fantasic! Thanks.

Traciluv says:

Great fire show.

SwanInnSongkran says:

Like it thanks Rob.

Mahmed AlEidi says:

This is the heart of the king and I.

Mahmed AlEidi says:

Hi rob, you forgot to mention the price of honeymooners suite.

Johan Schröder says:

Ohh, i thought they standing in gasosline

Timothy Steen says:

Hello Rob Thank You for a amazing show from the JW Marriott very nice Take Care

Gary Rust says:

WOW. Absolutely excellent.

Tokyo Drew says:

Nice to see this Rob…but 12 min was too long…sorry, was expecting a much better show than this. Was there more to it? Either way, great to see you vlogging different things lately !!!

michael jenkins says:

22,000 subscribers congratulations

michael jenkins says:

So beautiful, great to see some traditional Thai culture , a really different vlog and a good one too as always , very entertaining

Shitestirrer69 says:

Yay no wind noise :)

C2C World News says:

Very nice vid. Try to use manual mode when filming action at sunset, first just try setting shutter speed a bit slower and if it gets a bit to dark; increase iso only if needed. Will make for a bit darker shading and create a tiny bit of motion blur. Looks awesome if u get the shutter speed just right and not turn iso up too high, trying to stay around iso 1200 or less. Turns fire into volcano like motion, turns water into life, and keeps the tge slow movement of the dancers looking sharp but awesome motion effects. Great job rob. Keep up the great uploads and adding subs 🙏🍾

Daniel Clint says:

Some good 20 seconds..

Steven Monash 62 says:

Yeah …that would get me into the pool on a rainy cloudy day …stay funny.. tums up

John Holsopple says:

You're supposed to send this during breakfast. Not in the middle of Monday Night Football when the Cowboys are winning.

Ian M says:

That was beautiful. Thank you very much Rob :)

JackalGB says:

Brilliant! As a relatively new subscriber, I've probably watched 30-40 % of your videos so far. But of all that I have watched, this one and the previous hotel tour were the best. Bar Girls and 7 eleven trips can be entertaining, but I'd like to see you sprinkle a bit of the Traditional Thai culture in from time to time. :)
Great video, thank you,Rob!

richie rich says:

Disney but awesome

Gimmee_Your_Money says:

Look like a Disney World act.

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