Thai BREAKFAST Street Food Tour in Bangkok Silom Soi 20

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There was so much food to choose from at Silom Soi 20 in Bangkok. I’m still thinking about that chicken and rice :-D

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Arisha loves BTS & SVT says:

Biryani for breakfast..haha, that’s weird but amazing.

Tom Parham says:

Curry as a normal brekfast item to me seems insane.

iBravely says:

The Banana in Coconut Milk is the dessert. I suggest that you shouldn't have it for breakfast Lol.

Mary Ruxsarash says:

you should go to like the south side of thailand like the places where tourist really don't go like Hat yai or something or one of the big teso lotus malls lol

Cally C says:


Julie Goong says:

You can season all flavor in Joke/Congee like you do in Noodle. Chillie, vinegar, sugar, soya sauce. A little bit of everything. Create your own flavor.

Nikhil K mohan says:

Dude Mike you should come to India come to kerala in Indian to experience spice like never before.

drakangelnan888 says:


The Legendary Ravioli says:

That biryani in our country is a traditional and most common dish and comes in many different awesome flavours and with whatever meat you want but chicken and beef are most preferred meat used for this dish. I love biryanis alotttt 💜💜💜 everyone (majority) in my country does. 💕

??? ??? says:

"this is a jok" :DD

peakarach says:

Thai cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine, Cambodian cuisine is Lao cuisine original. Lol.

mark sta ana says:

new sub here why dont you try filipino food like sisig,lechon kawali,dinuguan,sinigang na baboy,lechon baboy mark weins already been here you can ask him about he's experience thanks

originalMissV says:

How's the chicken rice dish called?

Marc Caldwell says:

How in the world do you not get fat, Mike? :-D

Elsa&lisa says:

I love congee, it's under rated. I would love it if you could be a little more descriptive with the Flavors, like the biryani for instance. Thanks.

Frank Martin says:

Mickey everything lacks spice

Divya Depp says:

Just had My dinner while watching Mike. I feel good!

Marsilla Dewi Baruch says:

You ate all in a day? It’s like my provision for a fortnight!

Meemee Chang says:

I love Thai food. But I feel like you don't like it as much because it's not food you can always use hot oil to save your food. Lol. Not hating, but thai food seems to be your least favor 😕

Doug Dittmer says:

But seriously… who gave you the spoon? You looked as thrown off by it as I was.

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