Thai Buffet Dinner Save 50% Dream Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit Soi 15

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Ta and I recently had the pleasure of staying at The Dream Hotel Bangkok and whilst there, we were offered a 50% discount on what Ta and I found to be an extremely delicious Thai Buffet.

How excited were we to discover that our new favourite hotel also serves a pretty amazing buffet dinner every Thursday night.

Thankfully we were able to finish the video before we became too full to move.

We hope that you enjoyed watching this video.


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Take care
Brad & Ta

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Robert Groves says:

Thank you Brad and Ta, what a awesome buffet, really looked so nice and very reasonably priced. Thank you for showing us

HansDelbruck53 says:

I've never had so much fun just watching people eat. Love each and every one of these videos.
The only problem is that lately the Youtube assholes have been interjecting advertisements into the playback trying to piss off viewers. I hope the Thai tourist board, or whatever it might be called, is rewarding Brad and Ta for the greater influx of tourists these videos are surely bringing in. Can't wait to get back there again myself. Thanks to Brad and Ta, I now know the best places to stay, eat, and everything else. Carry on.

icerocket says:

Nice place to eat , John from Harwinton Connecticut USA

steve andrews says:

Brad- Are you sure that Ta doesn't have a second stomach hidden somewhere? Wow. I thought I had an appetite. The food looked awesome, I wish i were in your shoes just for the great cuisine you've been eating. On a more somber note, not to spoil the postive energy going on here, but i just read this in the morning paper: Please , no more bad news for Thailand, enough is enough. Take care

Eric Dufresne says:

"I can't breath." Priceless! Looks aloy mak.
Thanks as always for sharing.

Jorgen Gustavsson JayGee Goes To Thailand says:

Fried banan with honey and cream is food porn :-)

marco honders says:

Nice buffet!

Phyllis 4466 says:

Good grief, you're making me hungry. I always wait for your reaction, Brad. My New England taste buds aren't as developed as Ta's.

Phyllis 4466 says:

It looks good. What was the first thing that Ta cut? Was it chicken or a prawn? I think the chef liked Ta's laugh. Who wouldn't?

Jan W says:

The buffet looks really nice and tasty.amazing to watch how the Thai people cook.

Sharon Henegar says:

Awesome looking food. Thank you for sharing…God Bless.

patrick untalan says:

The chef was definatley getting in her way. She has some knife skills! Great vlog again guys! Keep it up!

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