Thai Coconut Shrimp Noodle Bowl Episode 1143

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ErCatscan says:

Hey Laura, OMG I made this dish and the family LOVED it!!!! Great Job. I have been following your page for a while and you make some GREAT dishes. Keep them coming.

Obey Bebe says:

I am so going to buy this during the week to make. This looks so mouth watering. Where did she buy her bokchoy ?

She's pregnant so she is allowed to have anything she wants. :)

Add some siracha to this and it would be good.

Myra The one and only says:

i don't know what makes it thai (might be the curry paste) still looks promising

DJas118 says:

Please make your version of massaman curry!! <3

DJas118 says:

Oh, yum!! I WILL be making this dish!!

shakebuttercup says:

I'm allergic to shrimp but the broth sounds so tasty; I bet this would be really good with fish or crab.

Tertu Ndokosho says:

Switching between a fork and spoon for the same dish killed me 😂😂

Rachel 🍍 says:

Hmm those noodles don't look like soba noodles. Nonetheless, the recipe looks yummy! :)

Fang Li says:

I am Thai and I support this and other Thai foods you did! I love how creative yet simple your food is. Just like you always say “you are your own boss in your kitchen”. I also have no rues when I cook Thai food. I mix this with that and it doesn’t even seem legit most of the time. E.g. Pad Kra Prao, I put loads of green beans and some Thais will be horrified if they see that because it isn’t meant to be in the dish. But who cares?? I make food out of what I like and that is the most important. :D Love you, Laura and welcome your baby girl to this world! <3

WIWeather Dude2 says:

Cheese Curds!

Helloz World says:

You should make a video recipe for Cremosa's one day ^-^

Zachary Damien says:

Add the lime juice in the last step when off boil.

The Toasted Pine Nut says:

Omg Thai anything 🙌🏻🙌🏻 need to try this!!

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