Thai Cooking – CHICKEN TOM YUM

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Chef Da’s Thai cooking recipe – Chicken Tom Yum

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Juan Maldonado says:

very nice

bremburg1 says:

Thank You Chef Da. Can you PLEASE do a video of making Tom Kha Gai. You are amazing.

Slyxyx says:

Love this video, such a great recipe. Hope to see some new videos as soon as possible!

Vanessa Guaman says:

I.not..espeak inglish

Nyvia1119 says:

Chef Da, can you please make a video of your recipe for Tom Kha Gai. Thank you! 

Tippy H says:

By the way I like ur 'chef out fit' hi 5!! take care.

Tippy H says:

I bought Kaffir leaves from Asian market, freeze, use whenever i needed, the aroma is heaven !! Thanks nong/chef Nana! Will try this recipe soon. koop koon/

GizmoBee1702 says:

Thank you! Your instructions are superb! You make it look easy, plus your hints along with the cooking demonstrations are very helpful. I have been cooking Thai style for several years, mainly from cookbooks. Seeing and listening is so much better! I have most of the ingredients already in my kitchen or available at an international market a few miles away. However, fresh galangal and kaffir limes leaves are unavailable. I will have to substitute fresh ginger and lime zest. I hope that is alright. Please make more videos: you are a star!

Tippy H says:

Watched many Thai chef  u r my fav. koop koon = thank u.

Gabby Garcia says:

please post more videos. i did the soup and it turned out to be great. my family LOVED it

toojthu lis says:

Love the thai chicken ginger

Cluster Pluck says:

Make more videos 

Li1iful says:

Please make a yellow curry and coconut rice, and pineapple rice dish plz, plz :P

Chaminaa Erdene (Belle) says:

i will gonna cook tonigth..

Tippy H says:

Chef  Da u r making me hungry!  will make  your rec. will let u know . koop kooon nong Da.

Bao Vang says:

Look so good sister love your video

hayman4101 says:

Please make more videos…thanks 

m4alik says:

how much chicken stock you add ?

CatchMyBreath says:

You always say HERE WE GO and I love your funny videos

R C says:

can you please teach me how to make pad thai? a canadian and im falling in love with the flavors of thai food!

Mary Lapuz says:

You are well organize and neat!

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