Thai Delivery Food Mukbang Episode 30

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I’m super happy to be back and getting into it right away. Thank you all for your video suggestions, nice comments and just in general! We will definitely be trying some new stuff.

Thank you for watching, liking and subscribing!

Very much appreciated.

😄🍻 Cheers and have a good day!


Belly Fan says:

his videos are very good. now I subscribe to your channel. a question you could show your belly full to the last of some video where you eat a lot of food?

julia wise says:

Veggie protein is soy based, as well. Unless it is vital wheat gluten.m

Love your videos!

Justin Quintana says:

I reccommend like chipotle? hot wings? any chicken or Panda Express idk if you don't eat meat x3

AtomicAngel says:

Great video as always! you looked so hungry in the beginning of the video. :P


I'm Ab from Saudi Arabia and I just subscribed ❤❤ love the videos so much 

emily ohmer says:

Liking all your videos. Keep up the good work and (Eating)! lol

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