[Thai Dessert] Crispy Ruby – Red Water Chestnuts in Coconut Milk (Tub Tim Grob)

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[Thai Dessert] Crispy Ruby – Red Water Chestnuts in Coconut Milk (Tub Tim Grob)

This is a popular Thai dessert for whether Thai or foreigners. Who do not know delicious place to eat this dessert, you can serve yourself at home. Then you will know how easy and delicious it is.



joyce Tan says:

Hi,Thank you for your video,its very helpful & details. May i know how many
days can i store this dessert in the fridge,or store the prepared red
water chestnuts in the fridge? Thanks again for your reply.

eyeApollo tsm says:

I love this dessert
Thx for sharing

Zyklon Coven says:

I thought this was gonna be a band called Crispy Ruby and their song “Red
Water Chestnuts in Coconut Milk” :/

Vampireknight286 says:

Does anyone know what this tastes like? :)

Ange Mariam says:
Ange Mariam says:

That was so easy to make because I can speak thai

Ange Mariam says:

That was so easy to make because I can speak thai

Rattanarerg Onyaem says:

^____^ I like It.Thx

Dung Tran says:

Thank you for your channel have English subject. Thank you have a nice day

Yen Sean says:

On the other dessert plz put (English sub)….

The Sin says:

I used apple.

Yen Sean says:

I love the way u do..so clean n look easy n I love ur show…..i love

Meesula Maine says:

pandan extract

Touch Srey says:

Can we use potato….?

jlee23vang says:

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I’ve been looking for this and now i’ve
found it. :D

ninacook301 says:

Thank you for the recipe in English.

nok2521 says:

Do your guy sell video or book?

TaeKeyLove00 says:

Yes you can people may think not but i’m full Thai and I live in the states
I’ve been to Thailand to visit family multiple times and ate this dish,
while i’m in the states me and my mom tend to have cravings of this dish
all the time :3 and we make it with canned water chestnuts and it tastes
exactly the same. :)

ThatsMyCakeRoll says:

Yummy! Mom always makes this for me :)

Awie Jija says:

you totally can. indeed there is moragote grob (crunchy emerald, whereby
tub tim is ruby or pomegranate). google it!

bbysbreath says:

My fav…

felice2442 says:

Can we use beet root water instead of artificial red coloring ?

azngrl4ever says:

Could we use canned chestnuts

Awie Jija says:

i think so, yes. i use rose syrup for extra sweetness and fragrance
(omitting the pandan so that it wouldnt be a clash of smell), and it
rarely, if not never, fails. the red colouring is just there to give it the
look of rubies, or pomegranate if you dice the water chestnuts smaller,
because tub tim can mean either ruby or pomegranate.

Awie Jija says:

no i dont think so. flavourwise, potato and water chestnut have very
differing taste. besides, the water chestnuts stay crispy even after the
boiling, but i bet the dessert will be a lump of mush if you use potatoes.
but you are always welcomed to experiment, right?

gottsteph says:

Is there a substitute for the pandan leaves we can use?

coolove01 says:

I love eating this, haven’t eat it for so long though..

Lim Julia says:

thk for the recipes n tips. will make this dessert

Nataku B says:

This video is seriously making me sleepy.

AoiAme225 says:

They look so good =3

felice2442 says:

thank you for reply.

Bounty B. Wolf says:

I’m curious if just by changing the color of the food coloring could you
call it crispy emerald or crispy Amethyst? Perhaps even leave it clear and
call it crispy diamonds? Overall a very easy dessert to make. Thank You.

jlee23vang says:

Made this today and it turn out great. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.
Very easy to follow. : )

BabyK18316 says:

Gosh no you can’t. o__o Only water chestnuts

May Cheevasit. says:

Yes, you can.

Janee Far says:

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