Thai Food at its Best. Thepprasit Night Market. Pattaya Thailand. Every Fri, Sat, & Sun Night.

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If you like Thai street food, then this is the place to visit.
It is called “Thepprasit Night Market, & its on Thepprasit Road just outside Pattaya on the way to JomTien. It is open for business 3 nights a week which are Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Between 5pm ~ 10pm.
As you can see from my movie there are 100’s of different combinations of wonderful that food all freshly prepared for your delights. You can eat there at one of the many tables, or simple collect and take back home with you.
I went on my bike, but if you want to get a baht bus, get one to jomtien from pattaya. Look out for Thepprasit Rd on your left (traffic lights) jump off there then get another baht bus head towards the Sukhumvit road. It about 2 miles up on your right, not to be confused with the smaller one you see first. Or get a taxi etc.
to be sure Google it ?
Any way back to the Market. Fresh coconuts & smoothies
fish, chicken, pork, beef, prawns, squid, curries, fresh fruits, sweets and desserts are all available.
A great way to spend a few hours enjoying the authentic Thailand food.
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bitabanta bitabanta says:

I had to stop watching a few only a few minutes in only because the food looks so nice and it was making me instantly hungry and I'm on a blimin diet!!!! Boy I really know how to torture myself don't I? Fantastic!

Jeffrey Williams says:

here in Korea they make the best dumplings I have never tried to find dumplings when I am in Pattaya might have to make that my quest this coming Friday when I get there.

Thomas Kleinert says:

Delicious. I´m hungry right now. Great movie Geoff!!!…….and it´s FANTASTIC :-)

Salva Reeko says:

my mouth actually started watering looking at that vid. Geoff you should do some more thai food tasting vids

Tom Reid says:

Not so much of they don't like to be videoed it's more to do with 80% have no idea of what your saying.

Linda McNamara says:

Always great informative vids cheers Geoff 👍

cupasoup2 says:

Wauw nice place… In januari i'm planning to stay in Naklua.
But after seeing this maybe gettting a hotel closer to the good food :-)

Bessie Funk says:

Geoff's video's are all entertaining….well done…very funny

9tarko says:

great stuff thanks mate

New Pattaya Channel says:

You know at least what a 'pla' is :) Fantastic !

sean riordan says:

This is an excellent video Geoff. Thank you so much for your efforts. I love seeing all the different foods. You really make me miss the place, and inspire me to return. Kop koon kop mate!

andy farm says:

love I'm from usa 36B for one doller =)

yensabi says:

Some very nice food stalls there Geoff…….Fantastic mate : )

TheAussieSlayer says:

8:38 red curry my girlfriend made me that as well as other thai foods fantastic.

TheAussieSlayer says:

EXOTIC hi Geoff fantastic vlogging I have subscribed going to Thailand in aprilI can not wait to eat that exotic food and see my girlfriend stay cool matey.

david ohasi good trip says:

Films disco lucifer friend in pattaya,,

Stokie Carper says:

awesome find that market. good way to eat cheap. nice work

John Keena says:

Nice movie

Dennis Hawksworth says:

Nice one Geoff / your vids are always interesting and entertaining / Chang ago Chang

sean mccarthy says:

Awesome Geoff, defo going here next time

Colin Blowin says:

Fantastic Geoff you are the King of Thai vlogers.

stephen O'CONNELL says:

Hi Geoff just want to say your films are amazing, I really have enjoyed watching them .
I'm going to Thailand next month for 3 weeks going chang mai ,its my 3rd visit to Thailand, got to say I have learned a lot from you All the best Steve.

Southcoasting says:

The fish heads are bent like that because they've been in the round bamboo steamer

Marc Kelly says:

nice one Geoff ✌👊👌👍


Geoff, I have been watching your vids far a little over a year and a half and have never been able to give you anything but a THUMBS UP. You are always entertaining and for the most part educational. I have a lot more to say, but for some strange reason  I feel the need to get over to my favorite Thai restaurant as soon as possible.

Paul Hipkiss says:

Top Market, feeling hungry now. Bring it on.

Martin Powell says:

Hello Geoff, Another great informative video ~ been following you're you tube vids for along time now, being a regular visitor
to Thailand over the last ten years. In Bangkok now as it happens, arrived on 22nd November and I go home on 21st Jan.
Absolutely gutted that I will be unable to attend your get together party in Pattaya tomorrow night, would liked to have met
you & Dave. When do you go back to the UK! and when do you plan your next trip out here. Seasons Greetings …

Scottie Watson says:

Awesome Geoff, amazing place my mouth is watering! Are you going to be in Pattaya for Songkran 2016?

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