Thai Food Curry Recipe – Stir Fried Crab with Curry Powder

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Whole crab stir fried with curry powder! Yes I am lazy to eat it too, really hate to crack the shell. This is super messy dish but my boss love it, and I used to like it as when I was a kid.

Don’t forget to watch my 19 months baby girl at the end! That’s my MALI!!! :)))


Rungtiwa Bonass says:

I all way cook this food , but different way .. 

Sommana Potter says:

Can you add coconut milk instead?

AssassinXMod says:

I am so hungry 3

Mai Lia says:

@TryThaiFood …You should update her video too because she is so cute. I
remembered she was just a baby and didn’t walk yet in your early videos.
Again thanks for sharing.

La Potter says:

This dish looks so yummy, and by the way your daughter is ADORABLE =)

tamuhan says:

greatings from Turkey. it sooooo hmmmnnnnn delicious:D and thank you for
the video. bur i have a question, mm, can i find this meal in all Thai ?

alvin v says:

whick is better male or female? i worked in bangkok for 15 years i miss
yummy thai food……

Joy Buasi says:

@Mailialicious Thank you so much Mailialicious! Yeah, the time flies so
quick since I first start making video from Youtube.. that time I was so
young.. and now look at me with the baby.. :) and the baby now speaks a
lot. I should also update her video too.. :) she’s so funny.

sailsbury2011 says:


PhilthyMr says:

Arroy Maaak.. ! Is your baby half half? Narrak maak luuy . If your husband
would use kitchen shears getting the crab meat out if very easy. I’m in
Bang Saen and we have TONS of crab here

alvin v says:

whick is better male or female?

Anna Luangraj says:

Looks yummy oh and the family part at the end was so cute,hearing the
language reminds me of where I’m from thank u for sharing this video .p.s
English is very good :)

LadyLatias says:

How many does the recipe on your website serve? 1? 2?

Joy Buasi says:

@FuryEvolution ใส่น้ำเปล่าได้ค่ะ :)

kristine kingsley says:

actually much better female, bcoz its more meaty!!!

peelmeone says:

Noo Mali Nha Rak Jung Loey! I remember living in Udorn and Khorat. I had
the gheckos and thoroughly enjoyed them! They were very useful for
controlling household pests.

Vicky Poon says:

I can’t seem to find the Thai curry powder, can the yellow curry paste be
used? Or wat other kind of curry powder can I use?

TVkeyse says:

If a girl know how to cook she is never single :)

Htay Reh says:

What if u don’t wanna add’s still be ok? I didn’t like milk!

Joy Buasi says:

@komokujin Coconut milk will do. :)

sarasanic says:

hey tats too much chilli powder! ppl will get ulcers:P:P

bluejuiseritsma says:

This is one Protein-packed dish!!

Christ4JewsGentiles says:

looks so good

FuryEvolution says:


thormya says:

I love thai food. Thanks for sharing your dishes. I will try this tonight.

cmayers69 says:

What can be used instead of Chinese celery??

Joy Buasi says:

@alvinlukas hahaha.. actually I don’t know why I said that part. it doesn’t
taste any different. :)

Joy Buasi says:

@optimisticlight I cannot say no… but I have not seen this curry powder
stir-fried with fish. :) We use squid and shrimps or even chicken for this
recipe. If you want to try fish, I guess deep fry it first and then use the
same recipe for it. :)

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