Thai Food Fiesta in Phuket!

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Seonkyoung Longest says:

Another Thailand Blog! 😆 We literally pigged out in Phuket.. LOL! Thumbs up if you're enjoy watching Life in Thailand!! ❤️

Listya H Fitri says:

Please come to bali, indonesia 🇮🇩 there’s a lot of food and the view is absolutely amazing🙏🏻😍😍. I can’t stop watching all video you uploaded since 2016 and always make me hungry and made some ramyoon with kimchi sending love from indonesia 💕💕💕

Deborah Keeney says:

I’m from Thailand and I’m so glad you went there to experience the amazing food!! You made me so hungry just watching you eat all the Thai dishes. Each region of Thailand has different styles of food and they are all delicious and amazing!!!

Nicholas Yeow says:

spicy yah ? NO NO HOT gotta show em you can handle the spice !😂

JӦYの貓 says:

yummm。need to travel to Thailand soon

crazy cat lady says:

I would be so fat if i lived in Thailand!

BonHOYage says:

Seonkyung! Great video. Always impressed by how you make the videos friendly to those that watch without volume with subtitles, text with name of food & pricing, etc. I would love to see Thai food recipes on Asian at Home! Especially a simplified Pad Thai and Drunken Noodle 🤤

I Love Cooking says:

when you come to cambodia ?

Zen Yang says:

your nephew is so cute!

Gloria Winbush says:

I would pig out😍😍😍

Gloria Winbush says:

All that for for only $6.00 bucks-wow!!!

Anti wijadnarko says:

When to indonesia many good food..

Benedict Baladad says:

Hey how about the philippines why wont you go?!

yanni tjew says:

Go to Indonesian, please…😄

Jamaican Sexyrific says:


DarkVampire2012 says:

My mother is thai so Thailand is like a second home to me!

Mizz Thangisit says:

It does taste better when you eat with your hands 😁 Love your personality!

Carinne Solange says:

Hello Seonkyoung, I love your food & travel vlogs, I have only been to Bangkok & Pattaya ☺️

Justin Gooding says:

Looks like so much fun!! Definitely on my bucket list!!

Aneesa H. says:

I love Thai food and Thai people, they are so kind and humble!

Maisha Chowdhury says:

Omg, I stayed there just this last summer! It's an absolutely gorgeous hotel and the service was so nice :D

Peter Doe says:

Have a great time in thailand, you guys! Greetings from the north of germany!

Yossi San says:

HALAL food in thailand please….

Fingercross77 __ says:

i miss thai so much, place to gain my weight kkkkkk

NN KP says:

ohh you're in Thailand

Brenda Benoît Dudley says:

Cannot wait for the next episode!

Joanna Daneman says:

Looks great. How I miss Thailand. Rice porridge for breakfast!

LauraH says:

I lived in Thailand for a year in 2016 and this is making me want to go back so bad just to eat all the food again

James Nelson says:

Luv ya Seokyoung.

FitAngie says:

Awe the little monkeys are so adorable 😍😍 this was awesome to watch

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