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Hello FamJam ♡

Hope you all are doing well!! We are at our Neighbourhood Local Thai Restaurant, just about 8mins away from my grandpa house.
We are eating Seafood Salad, Pad Thai, Pad Ka Pow (Thai Basil Rice) and Noodle soup. I love the local restaurant cause it has a home vibe ❤️ Enjoy and Thank you for watching!! xoxoxox


N.E Lets Eat says:

I hope everyone is doing well!! I only have a few more days left of Thailand :) can’t wait to go home see the kids!! Miss them so much!
I didn’t get a chance to do a lot of mukbang, but if you head over to SAS Vlog, you’ll see more food vlog 😉 cheers!! XOXOX 💋💗💋

theeambrose says:

Your mom is so cute!!

Kaw Ccing says:

You two are just talking and showing us the food but your mom is like I'm digging in my foods not focusing on the camera…. hahahahhahahahaha … love u two 😙😙😙

Neena Rana says:

Yr mom is so cuet sooo sweet

กิตติพล โกมลบุตร says:

สวยทั้งสามคนเลย คุณแม่สวยมากค่ะ

Si Ri says:

คุณสวยมากค่ะ ^__^

Jessica Vang says:

I knew you guys are sisters! You both have the same smile and face structure… I love watching you both.

chris tian says:

Your mum? I thought your eldest sister…

Mahirah Sarah says:

You mumma is so pretty..

feiy Chanel feiy Chanel says:


Edward Bartholome Concon says:

Now i know where your beautiful faces came from. Say hi to ur beautiful mom. You are like 3 sister. Enjoy guys…. fan from the Philippines.

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