THAI FOOD Papaya Salad (som dum)

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Close for more Thai cooking video recipes. Dim and Cathy Geefay prepare a Thai salad that’s popular on every streetcorner and restaurant in Thailand. Thai recipes, Thai ingredients, Thai cooking instructions included

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elliot cohen says:

Thank you for your wonderful video.

Nutkung crub says:

สรุปว่า เป็นรายการของไทยรึของฝรั่ง? เริ่มงง 555++

Freeme Ja says:


Adekunle Sender says:

Love thai food

hotelhotel111 says:

Lately I’m making papaya salad with carrots. I can not buy green papaya
here in Italy. Try it once, it’s delicious as well.

Namtarn sugar says:

its not!!!

Lucia Nuclear says:

ก็น่ากินดีนะ พอทำเสร็จ

Alex Luger says:

Bangladeshi people eat it to.

Jay Yothanan says:

@sigurd2401 There’re 2 version, 1 Isaan 1 Thai. Thai version is sweet

aomenz says:

If green papaya is called the “Som Tum” If using cucumber, also known as
“Tum Tang” If using sour green mango called “Tum Mamoung” It can also be
used. gooseberry, green bananas, santol. :)))

zeetaf li says:


patrickchanning says:

aroi mak

gunnerasid says:

well, her accent sounds like Thai though.

shadowheart01 says:

ผมดูคลิ้บนี้ทีไรเสียใจทุกทีที่คนทำเป็นแม่ครัวคนไทยทำรายการอาหารแท้ ๆ

Jessica Rabbit says:

Your mom is so cute lol “My chilli pepper from the garden is sooo spicy”

egeefay says:

@pannipa01 The entire table IS a chopping block from “Boos”. It’s an
expensive item.

51313932 says:

This is not the orininal of Thai Som Tam

Peter Tran says:

thank you for teaching me how to make this, I love Thai green papaya salad!

Factory888 says:

Why not with pasta^^ Try it^^ it so delicious^^

dc pw says:

ผมหมายถึงความเห็นอื่นหน่ะครับ บางความเห็นเท่านั้น

egeefay says:

@lhrlyc Ask your English speaking friends to pronounce each version and
then decide which sounds closest to Thai words

See Thao says:

i usually put in all the papaya paste first b4 adding the papaya…then
just mix and eat!=)

LIkAStar90 says:

that look so plain…..

bonner man says:

Yeah that’s called dam deng it fundamentaly the same salad dish but with a
different main ingredient. You can use runner bean too, dam touwa. Sorry
don’t mean to patronising.

Tena Day says:

missing traditionally ingredients thumbs down

richkid89 says:

i use cucumber instead of papaya sometimes, pretty good with white noodles

Zung Zx says:


arose4lee says:

Green papaya is difficult to find in Adelaide, South Australia. My mother
makes this salad with carrots. I must find her one of those shredder
devices. She uses a knife to chop the surface and then a normal peeler to
peel it into uneven strips. YUM.

kplusme says:

I tried making it that way… All of my Asian friends were not happy first
thing they asked “Where the heck is the Padek?! or Thai people called it

egeefay says:

@JustaSnake74 If you can’t find palm surgar you can use brown sugar or
granulated white sugar.

elimonjal says:

I think Cathy is a very beautiful girl, I would sure like her for a wife.

Denshi Galvez says:

we eat green papaya here in philippines, and we make pickled
love it!

Plussolar55 says:

มันจะจืดนะทำอย่างนั้นเละด้วย Not thai’s style

el druida says:

We also eat green papaya in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, it’s called Picadillo
de Papaya, :) that’s the beauty of having the same ingredients but with a
completely different culture. I tryed that salad once and it’s great!!

ammi tious says:

If you will teach foriengers to do somtum do not open it to teach them
becasue this is not somtum and this is not Thai food

tuscany123456 says:

This is not Papaya Salad (Som Tam) T_T

calibomber209 says:

Asian Julia child’s

alan murray says:

I love listening to your mom talk!!! I can’t wait to try some of these

MatoomBu says:


FireRockzy says:

@chariline ถ้ายึดตามแบบฉบับประยุกต์ก็คงไม่ผิดนะครับ

Naren789 says:

i love papaya salad, thai don’t always talk about cambodian people we don’t
get along but honestly the way we cook so much the same…nothing really
different my bff from thailand and we really have a good friendship…

Kiri Bamrungpong says:

Lol all the thai people here are all going wtf

Pook PookPook says:


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