Thai Food Steamed fish in Red Curry Custard (Hor Mok Plaa)❤️️

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Duncan Robertson teaches you you to make this stunning dish. Filmed on location in the mountain jungles of Phitsanulok Thailand

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Jie Mie Nguyen says:

crazy like your recipe… pretty delicious

Cynthia Xiong says:

Duncan, is the banana leaf edible once steamed?

TheCratsky says:

Duncan, so glad I discovered your channel. I used to watch you on the tele so I'm glad I can watch your recipes as I need them now. If you don't already have it, please consider posting a recipe for miang kham.

Chhay Sovann says:

If you said this Thai food, please research again where this food coming from! It is Khmer 🇰🇭 traditionally from Cambodia! This food nearly 1000 year ago in Cambodia cultures!

Chhay Sovann says:

"Amok" it is Khmer traditionally food!

Darith Jim Chhou says:

Thats a Cambodian dish!

Jessica Dann says:

Cambodian national dish

John Doe says:

im just waiting for you to get mauled by a tiger

Blanca Tran says:

Im so pleased to see
your delicious thai dishes
I learn how to cook this dishes thank to you

Jut P says:

Thank you for sharing. It is easy to follow. I will make it this weekend. :-)

Naa Courage says:

I was in Khon Kaen

Duncan's Thai Kitchen says:

great that you found us and thanks for subscribing. Hope your husband enjoys the dish, all the best DTK

Minie Leyen says:

I've been looking for this recipe,it's my husbands favorite finally I found it…..SUBSCRIBED!! Khapun mak Kha!!

darrenb3 says:

Great recipe! Hor mok is so good, it's one of my favourites, thanks for sharing!

Jack Zinsae says:

One of my favorites and will definitely give this one a shot. 

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