Thai Fruit Buffet Charoenchai Farm Chanthaburi Part 2

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We toured Charoenchai farm and now it’s time for the real reason that we’re here, to eat as much Turian as we can. Plus, I guess that we should eat some of the other fruit that’s been provided.

Mangosteen, Southern Langsat, Rambutan & Salacca.

Ta and I fight off mosquitos, flies and various our bugs to ensure that nothing gets in the way of our aroy aroy buffet.

Oh and apologies in advance for the amount of Turian that my face ends up covered in. It’s so hard to stay clean as you shovel it in.

The Fruit Buffet costs 400 baht and a tour of the farm is also included for that price.

We hope that you enjoyed watching this video.

Please put any questions that you might have in the comments section below. I will do my best to answer as quickly and as accurately as possible.

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Take care
Brad & Ta

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Robert Groves says:

Great second part to this video Brad. Ta's laugh is so infectious, you two really have a great time making these videos. I couldn't stop laughing at the girls in the office trying to cut into that durian, so funny.

Adrian Long says:

Really enjoyed that video guys, well done. Chanthaburi is really lovely. It has great beaches but I love the mountain areas. Do you like dragon fruit ? I love it.

Jason Kilhoffer says:

I never see these fruits in America not that I have actively looked for them.  What American standard supermarket fruits are missing on the Thai Market?  Any Americans or Australians living in Thailand and missing a fruit they used to eat?

Antonio Socías Carrillo says:

4:10 I have played that scene 10 times :'-D

Jeff Hall says:

Looks like an awesome place to visit. Definitely one I wanna visit. Thanks for bringing us along! Stay safe. Jeff.

Pug Lissu says:

Do apples, pears, raspberries, grapes. Water,Elon. Grow in thailand?

Tom Carter says:


HansDelbruck53 says:

Another brilliant video showcasing the enviable Life Thai of Brad and Ta.
Brad – your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to clone Ta with as many iterations as technically possible.
There will soon be more single men moving to Thailand to marry and settle into a Thai Life with the Ta replicants than you could ever imagine.

crispernator says:

Hi brad and ta those yellow ones i think are lychees and the rambutan i call hairy balls , as i said before i have seen chon eat a bag of those in less than an hour while we are talking .Did the durian have that overpowering smell to it ? your right their is an art to correctly cutting a durian i watched a guy cut one and he looked over it then worked out where he would cut , you learn somthing new every day i thought durian was durian didnt know there were different species there you go now i do . Great video and somewhere to put on my list to do take care .

Jaster_501st says:

Another great vid guys, very interesting. Keep up the good work. :D

tom4wlt says:

Some people claim that durian smells like gasoline. It’s a pungent fruit for sure. You either love it or hate it. I remembered that durian with sticky rice is quite good.

sajna thomas says:

Seeing u guys eat…i kept salivating here…such yummy fruits

patrick untalan says:

I miss the fresh fruits of thailand. I also miss durian ice cream. Take care guys!

Kenny Gray says:

That office must have smelled like a mortuary in a power cut 🤮

Dan Man says:

Brad you need to work on your Thai accent and to depress the Aussie accent. Visualize Ballet.

eric faison says:

Very nice video Brad and Ta. I was laughing through the whole thing. This farm must be pretty high class they gave you real napkins instead of a roll of toilet paper. 5555

marco honders says:

Tasty video! Hahaha.

Phyllis 4466 says:

What is the fruit that smells bad but tastes wonderful?

Alex Steele says:

Thank-you, Brad and Ta for another super video. I was wondering about your equipment, especially the microphone on the tripod. Can't wait to come to Thailand and try some durian.

Lee and Rattana says:

My local Thai supermarket in Perth have Durian AUD$29.99 for 500g. “NO FROZEN” 555

สิริกาญจน์ บุญลอ says:

กลับเมืองไทยอยากไปบ้างค่ะ ที่ในค่ะของเบอร์ติดต่อด้วยค่ะพี่🙏😙

icerocket says:

Brad & Ta , does Thailand export these tropical fruits much , I think I've seen them at the local grocery store but only one/two of them here in the USA , John from Harwinton Connecticut USA

Svend Phimdi says:

Hi. Brad and Ta. Nice fun video.

C David says:

Hi guys, sorry I haven't kept up will you two but I have been distracted by my seminary studies. To solve the problem of keeping up with you by getting the notice of a new video.
Good video as alway. Take care.
Pastor C David

Leanne Castle says:

My mouth is watering! I’ve never tried Turian but will give it a go next trip. 😊

chan serena says:

Yes…after DURIAN, then MANGOSTEEN.

chan serena says:

We call it DURIAN..

Maqqa says:

I watched the vids on how you met and got married again and again – you lucky dog Brad

Steve Dowling says:

Thanks Brad and Ta.

Russell Brain says:

That was a great , fun , video . Thanks

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