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Whether you need an afternoon pick-me-up or are looking for a beverage to pair with pad thai and other Southeast Asian dishes, the answer is simple: a frosty glass of Thai iced tea. Sweet and aromatic — Thai tea blends black tea leaves with warm spices like vanilla bean — it’s nearly impossible not to love.

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KayNdee94 says:

Look this up in Amazon “Pantai Norasingh – Thai Tea Mix (Net Wt. 16 Oz.)”
it’s ALL you need! There’s a tea:water ratio on the back of the package as
well. With this all you need is water, sugar, and half and half. I made
some this weekend with Pad Thai and it’s PERFECT! :) my local Asian market
sells it so if you have one nearby go ask for it if you’re not comfortable
with ordering online :)

Lps SweetyKandy says:

My mom is Thai >:3

Waiizii thansinee says:

I’m thai

Emmalyne Armanio says:

That looks great!

Annette Hose' says:

Thai tea is perfect for summer. Maybe I don’t pour it in gently enough, but
the half n half never stays suspended above the ice. (/.)

Felicia Sanchez says:

so much sugar

Jennifer Tran says:

Thai iced tea is my favorite drink!

Viet Tran hoang says:


Viet Tran hoang says:

to much sugar,and what tea???????????????????

popinfresh says:

How do you infuse tea leaves with vanilla? Is it just mixed with vanilla

bheacmk oneoneonefour says:


Shazie Jones says:

i had thai iced tea at a restaurant and it was amazing!

Kat Arriaza says:

Me either lls

epie orchid says:


POPSUGAR Food says:
Editz Bitz says:

You can drink this tea like tht dark brown colour or you can drink it warm.
It doesn’t have to be cold.

Arianah Kendall says:

I love Thai tea with boba!

xgreen7 says:

“Where has this been all my life!” and the I need to get my thai
tea fix asap! :P

Dr Dina Yousef says:

All is wonderfull till the milk came

jackson chan says:

Please allow me to watch your awesome videos on iPads!!!

cherie88cc92 says:


Tastemakers Heaven says:

1st to comment. Great vid. Luv pop sugar

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