Thai Lesson: Restaurant Conversation (How to Order Food)

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Read the dialogue of the role play here:

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KateandKlive says:

hello kruu mod, do you actually have student that do not read thai but can
speak thai fluently? 

kingkingjustin says:

Is it true that we can use the phrase “nóng nóng” to get the
waiter/waitress’ attention? :D

physika says:

this video will be useful for me, shall try it in my next thailand trip !

ao + name of food
gep dtang = check bill
mai dtong tawn = keep the change.

khob khun krab !

Homer Oie says:

I was told that I should avoid using “au” when ordering at the restaurant
because “au” could also mean that “want to have sex”…. My thai friends
recomend me to use “khoo (something) noi” instead. What do you think about

Michel Higuet says:

“mai mii thang” ” mai mii thaang” Oups if I prononce a short “A” : ” I have
no money” with a long “A” : “no way!” right คุณมด?

Jason Stallworth says:

This video was extremely helpful! 

Сергей Сычев says:

้็hello, Mod, I have a question. how can I call a seller or a waiter or
whatever if s/he doesn’t notice me at all? for example in English one can
use words such sir, ma’am, signora, signorita and so on. 

adrianiloj says:

Can you explain how to order things in kilograms? A lot of seafood places
sell things at like 800 bht/kilo but I’m not sure what they are saying when
I try to order “300 bhat worth of X”

Manabendra dutta baruah says:

can I say “Ja Kin + Food to order”?

Kikuchi Leo says:

Hi, Kru Mod. Can I also use “Pom ja sang phad-Thai na krab” ?

drmoynihan says:

That was so useful. I can hardly wait to say, “ao ….. ”
Thank you for your very practical lesson. :)

Benjamin Descamps says:

Good one! I had been wondering about the difference between เอา and ขอ.

Ali Hassan says:

how do you ask for recommendations?

Michel Higuet says:

คอบคุนครับ นี่่น่าสนใจมาก…

Tshering P. Dorji says:

You are a very kind and sweet speaking teacher. Thank you kra’p pom. :)

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