Thai Red Curry Recipe, Thai Cuisine

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One of the most famous and popular Thai dishes, this Thai Red Curry is easy to make with Chicken or Tofu, a fabulous non-vegetarian or a vegetarian dish. The color is very appealing to the eyes and the palate. Enjoy this great easy Thai dish in the comfort of your own home.
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OSAKA riu says:

After watching this vid i made it 3 times.cant stop eating it yumy

sm k says:

Anuja is sooo good. She has a beautiful smile which really lights up her
face. Hetal – are you Gujarati? 

abfabinri says:

My grandmother makes it and it just has Thai green eggplant and bamboo
shoots, they are traditional in this. Her mom taught her how to make it.
She learned when she was little girl in Thailand with her Swedish father
and mother were Diplomats working for British Government in 1930’s. She
told me the King of Siam did not like peppers in his Red Curry dishes, just
eggplant and bamboo and she got recipe from the cooks in the embassy. You
can use regular eggplant but the baby green Thai ones are a bit sweeter
tasting. Use canned bamboo shoots, just rinse them or throw in boiling
water for a minute to get rid of canned taste. Also we cook the chicken in
the red curry paste till it is 3/4 of the way done and then add the heated
coconut milk to it and cook it till tender, it makes a difference in the
tenderness of the chicken. Top with Thai Basil, Cilantro, green onion and
lime wedges or juice. Serve with Jasmine rice. 

daveguide says:

Hetal you are such a fine woman. Beautiful women and food are my passion.
You fulfill this in Evey way. Thanks for the great videos ladies!

MissCherie Cherie says:

Is it possible to do with olive oil? Thx :) i

Kat Blaque says:

This was the first thing i prepared for my boyfriend in our new house!
Thank you so much for the recipe. Really!

Siddharth Anand says:

Thanks for sharing such a delicious yet simple and easy recipe. Every time
I make red Thai curry, I turn to this recipe and its always a hit. You
ladies are awesome! 

BenjiEDF says:

What did she say you can add to brighten the red color? at around 3:30

Matt N says:

chicken… the major cause of urinary tract infections.
if you keep getting these, keep chicken out of your house.
it will contaminate your kitchen. you don’t even have to eat it…
my sister suffered for years, unnecessarily.
chicken: unclean.

daveguide says:

Hetal you are such a fine woman. Beautiful women and food are my passion.
You fulfill this in Evey way. Thanks for the great videos ladies!

notes bob says:

How come you dont put any curry powder in it? is that what the paste is

zenpebble1 says:

Thank you. It was incredibly delicious, and I very much appreciate your
sharing it with us.

Arti Chandhok says:

You guys do such a fabulous job. The recipe turned out great. Thank you! I
wish I could upload the picture of my preparation here.

almaivan3 says:

I love how u guys explain everything, great job ladies 

EckoOwnage says:

i was wondering, will you guys make more thai recipes? because if you are i
have tons of them that i’d really like to share :)

Abhishek Prasad says:

Thanks a lot for this wonderful recipe!!

femalien says:

I, too, find watching the videos really therapeutic! I finally got around
to making the curry paste and the red curry last week, which was excellent,
btw, but I’ve watched the videos many times before, just to get familiar
with ingredients and technique. But most of all, I find it so relaxing to
watch a good cooking video. Thank you ladies: you do do a good job!

traxx110 says:

I have made my Thai Curry with ready red curry paste from the supermarket.
I used just one can of coconut milk and 1,5 spoons of the curry paste. The
outcome taste very bitter and not that yummy as I know it from the Thai
restaurant. What I have done wrong…???

bigash111 says:

You two are great! I love your demos. Please post more.

KyleOrius says:


doydark4ever says:

die thai karee

jon wright says:


naaners says:

Thank you :-)

Harkz0r says:

I saw a video from Chef McDang where he recommends the opposite – frying
down the curry paste on a gentle heat with just enough coconut milk to
loosen it, and then sealing the chicken together with the paste before
adding the rest of the coconut milk and palm sugar. I guess everyone has
their own method.

Priya Raman says:

Hetal is so good! Anuja is quite a behen-ji…. I mean it as a compliment

punjabiqt08 says:

thanks for this, you guys are great :)

MountainGirl78 says:

Very nice.

leftyla says:

OMG, watching this made me really hungry!! Gonna try this one. And you
girls look beautiful in this vid, btw. : )

unknownally says:

you ladies rock

colin wilson says:

You 2 look as hot as a vindalo rarrrrrr.

Dahani Ravi says:

I love you two. You both are cooking Apsaras from Indras court.

startwithimagination says:

@Mar2623 no tofu is for the vegetarian one.

kuryamtl says:

This looks amazing! Thank you for posting this! I may try this one day
soon! One suggestion, for cooking tofu, I find the best way to use it, is
to freeze it, and then thaw it out, squeeze out the water, cut it up into
relatively thin slices. Cook it dry in a pan, and squeeze out as much
water, and then use it. After all that the tofu is primed to absorb the
flavours of the dish! You can google it to see a more detailed version
online somewhere, it is where I got it.

Douglas W. Bush, M.A. says:

Another fantastic recipe ladies. I made it with more curry and loved the
spicyness of it; and I put about 25 crushed Thai basil leaves to get that
liquorish flavor. Everyone, try this!

Amit Singh says:

u can cook and eat this but i know u could not eat this …………lol

A L Y H E A R T S says:

I love this recipe! I’ve used it multiple times, and it’s so easy to make!
Best of all it’s super tasty :) Thanks!

GrizzlyRecoveryZone1 says:

I love Indian AND Thai cuisine! says:

@manjotsabharwal Bamboo shoot is called “bans” and basil is called tulsi
though it is holy basil, not Thai basil.

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