Thai Santol spicy salad Pattaya street food

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This is a version of Thai Som Tam or green Papaya spicy salad but use Santol or Sandoricum koetjape (If you prefer the scientific name) instead. Thais called this fruit as “kra-ton” or “Sa-ton”

This is the real street food at Pattaya beach .The seller has to carries around baskets and terracotta mortar and readily to leave the scene when the municipal police comes to arrest them for unlicensed peddling in public place.

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Phan Rodighiero says:

A great video.

Huevonious Maximus says:

really? the title on the right side throughout the video? Really? and that stupid music. what a shame. No drama? No sounds, no quality music.

jslstars says:

Pengen coba bikin ah.kecapi dsini g ada yg sgede gitu.

Apple Mufinn says:

Yum 😋

ไม่กินข้าวเช้า จะตายไวนะ says:


janelrey flores gaihe says:

Nice food

Ba Nguyen says:

Wow, that's a lot of chilies!  Super spicy I bet! I like it super spicy!

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