Thai Spicy Basil – Thai Cuisine Recipe

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Angelina Angel says:

I wish you guys were my aunts! Lovely dishes by lovely ladies! 

Cosmicalex13 says:

@deshaditi Alton Brown would wrap it in a dish a dish towel and add a
little weight to the top for a few minutes. I use a few sheet of paper
towels and put a plate and a cup on top for 3 minutes.

leftyla says:

@timbits2 “to dialogue with you”? LOL You try too hard. You know perfectly
well that I’m NOT the only one who replied to your rude comment regarding
the girls being lazy. Why don’t you sit your sweaty fat hairy ass down.

DJTonyAllen says:

looks awesome nice job says:

@strengthofwill : Sorry about the late response! Seasoning Sauce is Soya
bean sauce, water, sugar, salt, food enhancer 0.02%. In short – you are
right! :)

timbits2 says:

@menyenye pppppfffffttttttt . . . . the girls have done many different
recipes from all over the world . . .that’s one reason that I like their
approach. My fear is that they are chasing a TV show and can’t see the
change they are making. And I still want an answer to my question!

menyenye says:

@timbits2 well you know what? They’re Indian, not Thai – they may not have
the access to authentic Thai preparations, so give them some credits for at
least trying xD I’m very very sure that this Thai Spicy Basil is delicious
anyway. And they’ve used plenty of shortcuts in their cooking anyway (e.g
canned tomatoes, store bought fried onions). Remember, one of their main
philosophy is to cut down on cooking time whenever possible, knowing that
not that many ppl have the time to cook from scratch.

bishonenchan says:

love the end XD

Oscar Sandoval says:

I want some! looks delicious :)

usaanand says:

Thanks for the recipe guys… rock…..

TheVittleVlog says:

Very nice ladies!!! Thanks!

alaykumsalam says:

wow looks so delicious i will share this in my facebook :) I like
vegetarian style thai foods so healthy :)

ThailandChaster007 says:

not thai spicy basil

karenicy says:

@Thestargazer000 Asian market

Kriti Motiyani says:

N wht about the basil can we garnish as well

Thestargazer000 says:

where can i get thai basil?

timbits2 says:

Hmmmmmm . . . . bottles of “seasoning sauce” . . . do they sell that in the
remote Thai villages. The pleasure I get from following your recipes comes
from making it from “scratch” where ever possible. You are getting lazy
girls. And once again, is the discussion forum at closed down

strengthofwill says:

is seasoning sauce just soy sauce with infused flavors from a spice mix?

timbits2 says:

@cbtj19 Good point . . . if, in fact, it would take months to create the
sauce.. My problem with commercially produced “sauces” is that the
ingredients are often very poor and most of all, extremely high in salt
content. I have no intention of making my own soy sauce but I want to know
what is combined with it.

Kriti Motiyani says:

Can we use little dry grated coconuts for garnish

leftyla says:

@timbits2 That brand of sauce is basically soy sauce with a much richer
flavor. It’s very common in thai kitchen and even thai restaurants. I’ve
seen a few thai cooks here on youtube who uses that same exact brand! Get
your facts straight before calling someone lazy.

mayacpan says:

can you show us how to make palak panner ?

StackingMath says:


timbits2 says:

@jamarsano “Worchestershire ” . . . Google is your friend . . difficult and
time consuming but it can be done. And again, you and others are missing
the point. The reason that this site is one of the best is that it doesn’t
rely on commercially prepared items like sauces. Sure there is a time and
place for “sauces” but let’s not lost sight of the goal . . . . cooking the
food ourselves.

timbits2 says:

@ShowMeTheCurry Thanks for the info girls . . . kinda figured you were very
busy. Good luck on getting the show.

ixkey says:

Wonderful recipe!!

yousaf malik says:

excellent recepie

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