Thai Spicy Chicken Wings – appetizer recipe – hot wings – buffalo wings-baked chicken wings-grilling

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These Thai Spicy Chicken Wings where an experiment I wanted to try out with coconut flour in the oven but it did not turn out like I had hoped. Luckily I am a …

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Iphy's Kitchen says:


Khmer Food Channel says:

Good food and recipes.

Cheryl K (CherylsHomeCooking) says:

Looks great YUM YUM…..

TheWolfePit says:

Killer recipe brother!

Rusty Ray says:

belated order 66 but I will try this recipe, seems good LoL

MMFitnessLondon says:

that look NICEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! im deffo trying it

TroenderTass says:

So i guess you are one of Blahas veteran hating supporters then?

Louis R says:

can anyone explain to my boyfriend the difference between EFFECTED & AFFECTED

Jason Blaha says:

The best part of eating wings is licking your fingers.

Jason Blaha says:

Sounds zesty!

Vincenzos Plate says:

Chicken is the most loved meat in the world. nice recipe

Маша Играет в Куклы says:

very interesting channel. thanks for sharing. and I hope you do not mind to subscribe to my channel , as I also subscribe to your channel. My like # 11 :) Thank you very much and may you always get all the best in each your time.

Chocolate Truffles says:

This guy's video keeps me running to the kitchen 👍🤗

No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

nice save. I had the same issue using coconut flour

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