Thai Street Food | Top 10 Must-Try in Phuket

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Thailand street food in Phuket is amazing. These Top 10 Thai street food is a must eat when you visit Thailand. People ask where to eat in Phuket or what is the best restaurant in Phuket and even what to do in Phuket Thailand? This is my phuket travel food guide for the area to help answer those questions. You can experience the Phuket street food and my top recommendations. My Phuket Street Food Guide.

Top 10 Must-Try Phuket Street Food

#1 Papaya Salad
#2 Sour Green Mango
#3 Thai Pork Sausage
#4 Thai Noodle Soup
#5 Thai Fried Chicken
#6 Rolled Ice Cream
#7 Omelette Green Curry
#8 BBQ Pork Ribs
#9 Thai Fried Takoyaki
#10 Chicken with Basil on Rice w/ Fried Egg

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Anurak Khomsing says:

Bro' you can eat much more spicy than I can man…

erwin Jefri says:

Nice PAO! you have same favorite food in thailand which is stir fried chicken with basil! Extra spicy…. come to indonesia PAO~

Vachira Singhaseni says:


STD .U says:

I love thaifoods ❤❤❤

Elena Garcia says:

He’s so cringy, but his girl is good in front of the video!

Sybilla279 says:

if you love those sour mangos, you should try it with the dipping called nam-pla-waan(น้ำปลาหวาน) it's a palm sugar mix with chili and herbs, you'll definitely love it!
love your channel Paolo! im from bangkok btw.

Chubby Bun says:

The price is too expensive for those street food…. you can each within 50 baht

gosutuan says:

Glad that both of you are enjoying spicy food in Thailand! For other viewers, you can always tell the vendor that you don't want it spicy(Mai Ped) and they will drop the chili level for you. As for Somtum(Papaya Salad) there are 3 popular variations, one is with salted raw crab, second is with fermented fish, third is without both called Somtum Thai which I'm glad you got that one. All papaya salad has fish sauce in them though. Noodles in Thailand are also made to be seasoned after unless you order Tom Yum, then the vendor will pre-add the seasonings for you. Prices in Phuket, Pataya, Tourist areas will be almost double the prices in Bangkok local areas which is usually around 30-50Baht(around $1 to 1.5) per dish.

The-traveler Lee says:

Ur wife sound very funny lol….

Pengyi Gu says:

Superb video! That sour mango with salt chili…. I am very curious what it tastes like:)

Finn Pabis says:

It looks very delicous but Thai food is 2 hot for me! I cant eat hot things 🍣🍣i love Rahmen and sushi 🍜🍜🍙🍣
But the fried chicken looks sooo nice ❤️❤️❤️👌

Thomas Fährmann says:

love your enthusiasm, always fun to watch you both, keep on with these amazing videos, thank you 😊😀🤣

dimas nov says:

good content and consistency will grew up your vlog . keep up the good work

Sami Gharbi says:

Awesome guys you are the best paolo

Chill With Linh says:

When I'm in Thailand, I'm like… eating eating "Okay I'm full now but what are we gonna eat next?" Feel so hungry just by looking at these food…

Maco Dee says:

What happened to your voice Pao? Get well soon!

Riska Rosaline says:

Damn i always love your video Paulo ❤️

Philipp Maqs says:

Mango also my fave fruit in the world

colourmycamera says:

Yum! One day I want to go to Thailand too to try all this! I'm going to Hong Kong in 2 months and I'm looking forward to showing you delicious food from there :)

TravelerPat says:

Yummy foods but looks like you didn't try any southern Thai foods at all. Southern Thai food has a different flavor profile from Thai food that people know of overseas. My favorite from Phuket is "nam prik goong siab". It's spicy good. For authentic southern Thai food I think you will need to go to a local sit-down restaurant that doesn't cater to tourists. Next time!

TravelerPat says:

That fried chicken looks more like Japanese katsu with the panko coating. Thai-style fried chicken doesn't use any bread crumbs and the color generally will be darker orange/brown. Thai-style fried chicken is really good with sticky rice. I highly recommend it.

Myla Diamond says:

Yummo and good job on the video!

xBCTxily says:

Just so beautiful

Eowynna says:

Bonjour ,

Encore merci pour cette vidéo 👍🏻
Bonnes vacances en Thaïlande 🇹🇭

Francis Inghels says:

Yes Paolo,the best food is on markets!!!… don't forget to taste the specialities from this area as blood cockles,horseshoe crab, roti,green sea caviar ,sea cicada etc..

MageThief says:

It all looks so good but I can not handle spicy food :(

jigs gonzalez says:

As usual your food videos makes me hungry…. Great job 😊

Allen Centeno says:

He’s so crazy and I love it! 😂

kenny says:

a salat with a bruce lee kick to it..hmmm..sounds..interesting and let's hope your mom didnt hear what you said with the fried chicken xD

Kaew A. says:

I always mixed the yolk with the rice too when I eat pad krapow!! It's so good~!!

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