Thailand and My First Navy Port Experience – MotoVlog #4

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Caballo Loco says:

6666 subscribers? JTsuits you are more evil than evil. Hehehehe

ExarKun745 says:

what song is that in the background ??


Nah, the 405 is the worst freeway.

daro ChaNNeL says:

sup bro . just got see your vlog for the first time :) pretty cool. i do actually live in Thailand <chiangmai> if you're into it check out my vlog, i just started doing it . keep on vlogging mate

Chris Hanson says:

Start a Vlog please bro like the Air Force has Kyle gott you should be the navy one 

Mikaya Moorleghen says:

What does an undesignated sailor do ? I've looked up some things but couldn't find anything solid on it 

awesoman09 says:

Hey is it wise/possible to purchase a motorcycle during A School? I'm getting a pretty hefty enlistment bonus and i was thinking of getting a Ninja300 to use as transportation at A School. Is that something ppl do or will i have to wait until i get stationed somewhere?

Marvel Teck says:

I really like stories regarding your port experiences man. 

Are sailors under 21 allowed to drink in foreign ports if the country has a drinking age lower than 18?

Or is it something sailors have to do on the Down-Low?

Jacob Restrepo says:

I really enjoy your videos, I plan on joining the Navy and these videos help a lot

Noxious Moto says:

Cool video man. +1 sub from a fellow MotoVlogger. Ride safe man!

Furby Lover says:

Highway 110 was the first man
Damn,Thailand sounds kickass

Robert De Leon says:

Whats the name of the tune from the motovlog part?

Rotten Sushi says:

Day in the life yesssss! Last day in the life video I saw was LifeAccordingToJimmy's. So stoked to see yours :D 

Devon Cooper says:

Man I can't wait to hit some foreign ports! I ship in November so I know I have to make it through boot camp and A School first. 

fzrbikerboy91 says:

Cheah! more motovlogs

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