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Nihaya 1823 says:

Try the Philipine food challenge

Chatty Madi says:

On the first food the furry stuff was the shredded pork 

Girls night Out guide says:

I've heard that Jackfruit tastes disgusting

Manuela Venegas says:

A pie chanlenge

babyade100 says:

I couldn't even pay attention the the video because of those distracting cats!!! It was VERY stressful for me!

Kristel ponio says:

Try Filipino Foods!!! Its super good

Lucia Anastasia says:


sammys gaming says:

Try British sweets (candy)

Sorena's Life says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Benja Awesome says:

Filipino candies and snacks plz pvp

Haidy Aiead says:

please try Egyptian food it is so good

Heidi101 says:

Mexican food not candy

Tanapoon Laosirirat says:

That girl cannot eat anything? imagine she backpack to other countries, she would just eat McDonald for entire trip. LOL

btw, the first one, it not pork hair. It is processed dry pork. and basically it Chinese mixed with Thai snack.

Randy Marsh says:

okay guys since when eating non toxic food is a challenge ?

Dianna Montoya says:

try chinses candy

Anie Hamby says:

Wow I love the fish snacks

sofija jezdovska says:

Try Russian

laurie mcaleer says:

USA New Jersey

Elian Vargas says:

Nylah knew that was her cousin in the chip lol

Victor Flores says:

I'm from mexico :-)

Audrina Manankil says:

Try Filipino food

Mikayla Mckay says:

Try the food in new York

Martha Cantor says:

do the tin can challenge

kathy bui says:

Jackfruit is totally different from durian because jackfruit is delicious and durian is so disgusting 

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