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Next Thailand Menu 7/8/11


Adrian Tang says:

1:01 tomska?

Evan Scott says:

How would you know?

chitrader says:

Looks great, too bad I’m allergic to peanuts! Can’t wait for the next
iteration of Next!

Nigglips DeFranco says:

@lister740 you have no idea what this is

pebbles1406 says:

Oh I am so hungry, I can not wait another hour…

BrutalBarbieB says:

Looks so good;) Great job as always.

ltkammo says:

@lister740 thai style menu LOL. and one of the best restaruants int he

Sam Chen says:

What is the song?

zhangvict says:

I must say I find the concept of Next to be fascinating. Like a great train
ride across countries and times to eat different food cuisines!

zeetaf li says:

Look delicious!!

Dominik MJ says:

What is your point? It is not the intention of NEXT to serve authentic
Thai. I guess, that there is no Thai restaurant, which is serving this
level of cuisine anyway. It is an avant-garde restaurant, serving
avant-garde cuisine with a theme. I am troubling to understand people, who
are just not thinking, before they are writing; who like just to be
ignorant about their environment…

Mike Murtagh says:

Its not a thai restaurant.

Cialti says:

The song is Catgroove (Club version) by Parov Stelar. (Thanks, Shazam!)

aurayon says:

2:51 Lol, nice!

lister740 says:

fucking thai restaurant and everyone is white. get your act together people

R140208 says:

that is not the way you will get there my friend

garrettface says:

Man, Grant Achatz looked like he was about to smack that guy at 0:22


It very cooking Thai , I like that .

yourhaloisslipping says:

what i would do to work in a restaurant like this

bamboozledmoment says:

that’s it. I’m going!

Vladimirs cook says:

Cool Menu, somethin new for me awesome

juicec03 says:

What happened to the childhood video, I really liked that one!

Jfly44679999 says:

MUST.GET. TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Hellio Mavin says:

I will meet Chef Achatz someday….it’s my goal.

william de kroon says:

where is the restaurant????

wotsac says:

Good to see some sausage in there at 1:01 and 1:24.

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