Thailand Phuket

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Thailand Phuket December 2011.
ภูเก็ต फूकैट 푸켓 プーケット 普吉島 فوكيت פוקט
How we spent vacation on Phuket island.
The most impressive summer in the middle of the winter))
I’m in love with this amazing land!!!

Indian ocean
Andaman sea with amazing blue waters
Patong beach
Karon beach
Laem sing beach
Phi Phi islands
Maya Bay
Similan islands
Bangla Road
Jung Ceylon

Special thanks to Prince Charming and Genie for participation))))

Thai Phuket Dec 2011
From Thailand with Love!
I wish to come back in 2012 and visit Pattaya or Bangkok)


Marjana Golovanova says:

молодцы девчонки!:)

MultiEREVOS says:


Roerich2A says:

2:10 ;)

Mike Lopez says:

damn you girls look sexy on 2:00 sitting on the boat, I want to make with
left and right, hopefully at the same time.. yummyyy

snapsalot says:

That was cool how you got to play with the monkeys where was that at?

adika rama says:

woooow great vacation, u know..I have plan backpacker to thailand, and
after watch this video, I really want to go there…thanks :)

新 新海 says:


Mike Hydro says:

love it lol

KaiForce says:

See you there :D

Lesuper spécialiste says:

How much the prix of the travel please ?

SealSmile says:

Best city in the world

Trevor Bodogh says:

Grrrr8 Video! Heading to Thailand in a month!

Youssef Ihoum says:

tré belle video

Jamie Monk says:

Glad you enjoyed my island .. although there is a lot more here than
partying and beaches!

ads seh says:

we just dont give a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak

Aleksander E says:

Еврейка очень противная и вести себя не умеет. Остальные девчонки молодцом.

garick says:

hahha, love it! awesome video

ศิริพงษ์ เทวาวิรัตบูรณะกูร says:

Lyuba Denisova. It’s good to see you had a great time here. add me on
facebook: maxim thewawiratburanakul. maybe we can go party together when
you come back here!

Chanond Chunharangsie says:

3.12 hahahahahaha I looooooove it. Anyway, I’m in Bangkok of Thailand but
I’ve never been in Phuket. Lucky you! :-)

kammefor says:

true, and indians

Ronald Stas says:

way too many russians in thailand now

Lyuba Denisova says:

I guess you have to try one time at least…go there for 2 or 3 weeks. I
think you will like it) there is a special atmosphere!)) Thailand is very
big, try to visit several places)) good luck!

OrigoIacobus says:

سمووحخ ̷̴̐ خ ̷̴̐ خ ̷̴̐ خ امارتيخ ̷̴̐ خ

friendskitkat321 says:

Yah huh. Everywhere is dangerous -_-

1977Alexander says:

Hi Lyuba, You gorgeous girls aren’t going back there this December are you

MissFufu Lee says:


boonpub plaza says:

cool editor.

Jason Bateman says:

This should be the official tourist video for Phuket. Awesome Vid. I’m
going for first time in August. Can’t wait

gollden says:

in luv with u girl ;P

Hoterae Koere says:

I don’t understand why some of tourists are brave enough to go to some
places in Thailand. There are many places that Thai people don’t even dare
to go.

PureHeavenlySultan says:

Pattyaa is the most dangerous place in Thailand,

umut çakmak says:

Videoyu çeken kız ne kadar sevimsizsin amk! Tipinde yarrağıma benziyor


It’s great if you want to party but the water is dirty

derpmochump says:

there is something missing from this thailand video,

666thevanman says:

Yeah i was going to say that i have always just been to Bali. 15 times so
far. l was going to ask if Thailand is better than Bali. But you so have to
hit Bali one day. You will so love it. ”Happy Travels” :)

Hoterae Koere says:

sex is only in Pattaya…not all of Thailand. That will offend other Thai
people who do not sell their dignities for money. :( :( :(

Dimitar Valkov says:

Lyuba, this is the best vacation in one of my favourite places :)

markinyan says:

Nothing to do there. It’s only for surfers. Better turn attention to

friendskitkat321 says:

What has that got to do with anything? :/

friendskitkat321 says:

Bullshit. That’s China, Vietnam, Korea and Cambodia, etc. Hardly Thailand,
except around the border to Cambodia or something.

darksweetgirl says:

wow… what a Crazy n Kewl video..I went to phuket last didnt hv
time to visit Phi Phi island..:(… hopefully I can go thr again…

Yuichi Papadox says:

VDO CUTE I like this

Donovan Lealuga says:

Here is how to pronounce Thai Phuket, (Tie-Fuckit) There you go.

PureHeavenlySultan says:

Surprised they weren’t beaten or killed, word to the wise Thailand can be
very dangerous ;) many women tourists have been killed and raped, just
saying be careful, Oh and if you see old fart men, and single guys they go
for sex, the fuckers, lol but yeah many Tourists do get killed,

Hoterae Koere says:

Fortunately, they didn’t go to Pattaya. You can’t say Thailand is very
dangerous b/c not all of the part of Thailand is so, but yeah most of the
places where foreigners traveling are full of scam and sin stuffs. And yeah
stupid tourists most get killed by their ignorance the fact that Thailand
is not their place where laws are very strict. It is not safe if you aren’t
having a good friend to bring you around or planning before you there.
Finally, it’s up to you whether to go seeing good bad plac

KaiForce says:

Guy at 3:06 made this video awesome.

friendskitkat321 says:

Pattaya is where most tourists go for a night-stand/to get any girl they
want for the lowest price they can get. Anyways, it is one of the most
dangerous. And a few more things, not all of Thailand is a “sex” place e.g.
Isaan, Koh Samet, Hua Hin, etc.

Lyuba Denisova says:

)))))thank you, Erika! I know that positive always wins!) Sorry for delay
with my thank you, noticed your comment just now) greetings to Brazil! One
day i will make video about your beautiful country!)

Lyuba Denisova says:

Oh! nice to hear) please welcome! you may check my last video Thailand 2013
– first part contains Phuket views too) And happy travel!

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