Thailand – Phuket Guide – Beaches & Islands

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Interesting places around Phuket in Thailand, Freedom Beach, Phang Nga Bay, James Bond Island, Coral Island and Raya Island.


Aleksandr Liberman says:

Thank you for this very useful guide!

Cesar Rogerio says:

Thailand – Phuket Guide – Beaches & Islands

muhannad alsheikhly says:

جزر فوكيت – تايلندا
Thailand – Phuket Guide – Beaches & Islands

Kirk Liebig says:

Now that the beach chairs and vendors are gone perhaps we can get rid of
the Russian scum left on the island !!!

MrVanity95 says:

Thank you very much for this guide ! It will help us a lot to prepare our
trip !

nmike jones says:

surin beach was nice

MrGinolatino1 says:

What is the name of the song in the end plzz :)

Fabricio Belardo says:


Luis M says:

how much did you pay for the canoe trip?

visualguerillaFILMs says:

Phang Nga Bay was an awesome place to be :)

Ardi Natan says:

thanks for the video very helpful. i want to ask your advice.if i plan to
visit phiphi island and maya bay.and enjoy patong aswell where i should
find hotel to stay for 3 days and 2 nights stay ?

ole h says:

Dejlige videoer. Ang. kanalen med spildevand: har du set toiletter på
stranden ? 8 gange ferie på kata beach

Krisztián Mohácsi says:

Really great video. Thank U for the time U spent with it.

Rania Y says:

Great video. I really need to go back and visit all the places I’ve missed..

Jarek Wysocki says:

Thank-you Now I must go !! LOL

ivor nappinion says:

tropical beaches in front of you,piles of rubbish behind you,i’m sure
theres a moral in there somewhere ?! good vid ;]

Simon Theobald says:

Great Video

Roy Seals says:

Been there many times, the Phuket area is paradise on earth!

Бадарчин Аялаажавын Товчоо says:

very nice

billbus12 says:

Great vid, like to go in July but like the not so expensive places if there
is such a place…bill

KevinProNOW says:

The local people there eat dogs! No thanks, I think I will stick with

John Demers says:

Touching the coral kills it.

Meerim Orozobekova says:

awesome experience!Thank you!Hope to use this video to my trip to

roger gyll says:


Derek Comer says:

great video, Thanks. Going to Phuket in November, so this was very helpful,
going to watch your other videos now

raghu vamsi says:

nice info, thanks :) we are ging soon there!!

Vallu says:

Going there in January! :)

RasDil says:

Thank you! Very informative. I can’t wait to go :)

roguemale57 says:

Many thanks for sharing this with us.

teazer58703 says:

Thanks for the video. Informative. Perhaps we’ll make an updated one.

hayley rackham says:

this vid is really helpful thanks for posting it.

Trip on Tube says:

555 Phuket or thailand is the best . The answer is phi phi island is the
best of thailand u can search in youtube

Karl Phillips says:

good video,some nice places I intend to visit thank you

val pouzz says:

il me tarde le mois d’octobre !!! j’y vais !!!!!!!!

MrDampkring says:

Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I just got back from
Phuket but will be going again at the end of the year. Will hopefully
manage to get to Raya island.

Yana Pogoreltseva says:

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