Thailand Street Food

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Favorite safe street food treats, vegetarian food and shopping the markets in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our personal tips for eating and snacking safely:

1. Choose food that is cooked fresh to order and look for the places that are popular with locals, they know all the best places to eat. We avoid street food that is sitting out buffet style. Any food that has a chance of a fly landing on it, run away, just run like it’s the plague, flies are vectors for disease!

2. When it comes to liquids, stick with only bottled beverages (make sure the caps are sealed). Although there are many smoothie, iced and ice blended drinks, we’ve seen the ice factories here and don’t recommend consuming any ice.

Same goes for brushing your teeth, skip the tap, safer to use only bottled water.


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Thanita Pooparsert says:

love food thailand

jimmy89858307 says:

0:09 Hmm…It looked like a brown pussy and two…White dicks?! Be sure listen to the's funny! I liked this video – Thumbs Up!!!

Karl Sveningsson says:

The traveling idiot!! What a piece of shit!!

vegita superseiya says:

Thailand Rambutan 1kg. pay just 1 $ usa .

ramesh shah says:

This video is as nice and preetty as you

DarkprinceCs says:

at 3:20 The pancakes is what got me sick in Thailand for 4 days.My favorite street food in Thailand are the noodlesoups. So good!I love Thailand, going again this December.

tansiri chimmai says:

A part from food there are many interesting things in Bangkok for example escape hunt experience where you can play detective and solve the mysteries.

Brian Kim says:

lol @ the ladyboy who said "HAHAHA"

Sushanne S says:

they dont eat that much sweets

Susan W. says:

Nice video!

Banker in the Sun says:

Great tour of the Sunday market! And nice to see that you can still eat healthy while traveling.

streetwolfe says:

hey guys, i've been watching your thailand videos since i'll be going there next year and i had a quick question. is there anything specific to look out for or avoid. Like any trouble with people trying to start anything or muggings or anything, just curious. thank you :)

Anarchosyn says:

I stumbled across your videos after koh tao nostalgia brought me to filter through your vids. Wow, I love you guys. Wonderfully entertaining, and I love your styles.

KenOfthewest says:

I love the street food and its freshly cooked, so safer than if you eat in a large chain where its on display for ages!

galaxy says:

5:20 i am damn scared! LOLOL

IK IK says:


Petra Jan Klaas says:

Hahhaha 5:20

ดาดีดา อาโออิ๊ says:

เพิ่งเคยเห็น โออิชิ รสข้าวโพด 555555

whitney minthorn says:

LOL that lady boy "hahaha" so funny!

Suprane uksad says:

I think so.

thaisimtopup says:

Can't beat the street food in thailand

rattanatour&travel says:

In Chiangmai there are less hooker than pattaya and don't think Bangkok and Pattaya is like Chiangmai b'cos we are more clean and more upper class

Lila Berry says:

5:23 was creepy but funny

Varietygirl1 says:

this video is making me hungry

Rebecca Smith says:

Love this video! Thank you!!

planet venus says:

5:20 was hilarious, i think she was a prostitute or something.

VOLTIS5 says:

i think she was a he. lol

Lost & Found Travel says:

Sunday night market is as good as it gets

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