Thailand Vlog: Regional Thai Food at Central Rama 9

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Cool little place that serves creative regional Thai food, with a COMPLIMENTARY dessert buffet! Food was delicious, great service, too!

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amigurumigirl says:

Yum! The video was too short lol

Scott McQuown says:

What is this "leftover laab" you speak of? ;)

Gabriele Liga says:

Pai, are you married/engaged/have boyfriend?

pimthong woharn says:

How much per person?

The Isle Of Broken Toys says:

Delicious! thumbs up.

Rajon M says:

Pai, if you're still in Thailand, you should visit and collab with Mark Wiens. I love seeing your dishes! :)

reagentism says:

I think I might just order the bare minimum dinner and go straight for the desserts. Right?

Flown87 says:

Oh my god, I'm so going to go there when I'm in Bangkok this March, what is the name of the restaurant?

Bhargavi CH says:

roti is an indian flatbread

Tina Chao says:

How nice,we are back in Bangkok too! Thank you for the recommendation!we will try it out!have fun in Thailand.

Rowdy Ribbit says:

I love how ALL babies around the world speak the same language! Our one true commonality. In the beginning – we are all so similar.

GizmoBee1702 says:

Real Thai food is too spicy for you? That's funny!

MegaAedu says:

Great vid Pailin, but why didn't you show more of the desserts?

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