The Ultimate Plane Spotting Video: Phuket, Thailand

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Phuket Plane Spotting video feature footage from Thai Airways B747-400 landing into Phuket over Andaman Sea and Nai Yang Beach plus 18 minutes of non-stop plane spotting footage from Phuket Air Traffic Control Tower.

Thai Airways B747-400
Emirates B777-300/ER
Thai Air Asia A320NEO
Etihad B777-300/ER
Aeroflot B777-300/ER
Rossiya B747-400 “Tiger”
Finnair A330-300
Thai Airways A330-300, B777-200, B777-300 and B777-300/ER
Asia Atlantic Airlines B767-300
Sunday Airlines B767-300
RoyalFlight B757-200, B767-300
Jetstar Asia A320
Silk Air B737-800
Nok Air B737-800
Malaysian Airlines B737-800
Malindo Airlines B737-800
Thai Lion Air B737-900
Thai Viet Jet A320


Abdullah Obeidat says:

4:34 lol the worst airline in the world (sky trax 2017) is here, jet star! Btw no offense

spring2015 summer2015 says:

The view is super exellent

Dejnarong Pholtham says:

ชอบสนามบินภูเก็ตมากๆ เป็นสนามบิน St. Maarten of Asia 👍👍👍👍✌✌

asvp chapo says:

Parents: you wanna go to northKorea?

GoldenTop10s says:

This is not a flight review but PHUKET! Those were some dam nice views.

manuel perez. 809 207 3528 says:

fantastic video

SkyPuffZz :L says:

Welcome To Thailand! :)

Patcher TT says:

Nice view! This is from control tower?

عبدالعزيز العبداللطيف says:


Peizxcv says:

9:43 – LOL, that logo

Flight Pist 87 says:

nice video👍👍👍

Sam Lauricella says:

Wow, Beautiful video Sam! One of the best spotting videos on youtube!

Piggy Studio says:

Legit Planespot

chincheng liao says:

excuse me, can i ask you where did you take these photos? i would like to visit there too , thank you very much

Wilfred Jones says:

why didn't u do it from the beach, they fly straight over your head

Tushar Alam says:

Any thoughts on flying Scandinavian Airlines or FinnAir?

Phong Thinh says:

Sam you should do a review on Vietnam Airlines with their A350 and B787

Vishant Panchal says:

Do a mumbai to new york flight review in first class

Tehzerr says:

what do you record with?

김상현 says:

Do some more Korean Air

Noa Stenälv says:

Could you start doing more reviews on economy class on diffrent airlines, because i think like 95% of the people that is watching your videos can't afford a business or first class ticket. i would really enjoy that.

Frodnar123 says:

Meanwhile in economy class;
I'm being dragged off the plane.

Sivaslı Yasin says:

kurtlar vadisi pusu cendere remix indir youtube

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