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One week into vlogtober and I just wanted to reflect on my thoughts and update you guys + share an amazing Thai buffet!
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Whilst out on a walk, I just wanted to share my thoughts of how vlogtober has been going so far along with some footage from a Thai Buffet the night before.

Vlogtober is definitely a challenge. A challenge that I am enjoying. I can already see the benefits of editing every day and I feel I am preparing myself well for when we reach the Philippines (the main part of this trip) and do loads of activities!

Thanks for your support so far, I hope you’ve been able to see a more informal side to me than in other videos and you’ve enjoyed it!

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Dream331 says:

I'm becoming a big fan of your vlogs! Definitely keep it coming! Especially looking forward to your vlogs from the Philippines. I mentioned to you on the Tokyo video that I would be traveling there with my wife in January. We'll also spend a couple weeks in the Philippines as she's originally from there and it's become my second home. I hope you're able to checkout not only Manila and the usual beach resort islands like Boracay, Palawan, etc but also visit one or more of the provinces like Pampanga or Pangasinan, which is where we stay when in the Philippines.

Jade Jr says:

I'm from Thailand. I just found out your channel and I love it!

Abel Jaye Manansala says:

I'm actually heading to Manila next year! Can't wait to reference your trip lol

Thosaphon Yaungyai says:

In Thailand We called that Buffet "MOO-KA-TA"
MOO = Pork / KA-TA = PAN
We adapt them from Yakiniku (Japan) and/or Pul Go-gi (Korea).
And yes somewhere also have Sashimi serve too.
Beware the sauce that you ate with them is not hygiene and bad for your heath

Kyle Frederiksen says:

"Note to self Joe if this is absolute shit then don't post it"😂😂

Marshall Pitney says:

You should do a video editing video

koshiko says:

Had to laugh when you were trying to remember shabu shabu 😂
I like your vlogs as they are, they're not boring, and it's cool to see what people in the area eat (and how, the raw meat in trays is new to me)

itsvictor24 says:

Joe, it's SHABU SHABU 😂

Zuqi Chen says:

It's shabu shabu lol

David Nash says:

Was Suki Yaki the words you were looking for?

Richard Laxa says:

Look up a guy called Carlos Celdran. Go on one of his tours.

Pleum says:

I love watching these vlogs so much. They're so refreshing to watch after a tedious day at med school.

Theo Camilleri says:

Please keep these going! Loving the Vlogs and tutorials you're uploading.

Dan CH says:

I'm really enjoying these daily vlogs, they don't always need to be action packed, sometimes chilled out vlogs are the better ones, anyway great work keep them coming…

Ryan Gibson says:

Definitely enjoying these vlogs! I really liked the Lightroom tutorial so if you really felt like doing a video version of that… wouldn't say no ;)

Mossab Balatif says:


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