Tom Yum Soup Thai Food Recipes – Learn How to Make Tom Yam Soup Goong ต้มยำกุ้ง

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How to cook Thai food recipes: Easy How to Make Tom Yam Soup. Also called Thai Spicy Soup with Shrimp, Tom Yum Gung, Tom Yum Kung or Tom Yam Goong. It is the most popular Thai dish and is very easy to cook at home. Also known as traditional Tom Yum Soup in Thailand.
Tom yum Kung – Thai sour and spicy shrimp soup
Lẫu Tom Yum Thái Lan


Rhianna Black says:

will it taste the same if i prefer no shrimp

See Moua says:

Where do you get the chicken stalk?…

Lin Yee says:

Thanks. Lovely recipe. A little late I am but could you please enlighten me
in turning this Tom Yam into a Vegetarian recipe

fAdwUn says:

@jheart aquarious hey man. Can you give me some tips about going to thai?

lovely junora says:

It’s really good taste.. for the real tom yam recipes..thanks for sharing

kandycandy1 says:


Sarud Liamcharoen says:

I’m Thai 

K Nana says:

Ok when I went to Thailand I had tom yum soup every day but it wasnt this
one it didnt have any coconut so I am thinking there is more to the name
but it was spicy had mushrooms and shrimp cilantro and it had the best
flavor it tasted like seafood broth with tomatoes and it was sooo good it
was bright red do you know the name of it

Sarud Liamcharoen says:


jheart Aquarious says:

It looks like ginger,i miss that soup in bangkok,and i love to watch the
boat selling vegetables,but the problem is when i get there is you cannot
see english written in the street aww,i almost lost to go back to hotel
becoz i dont understand the sign.and the mall all the boutique is color
gold ambiance,but i love to go back bangkok :)

Dennis Seematter says:

I am trying to learn about Thai curry, the origin, and the different types
and recipes. Do you have any suggestions or books that might help me.

Cooking Thai Food says:

@minhdung1310 Yes I can be chicken soup alone but I love to make soup with
chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, onion and celery and slowly cook it . I like
to make a lot and use it for many dishes. Or you can use a can of chicken
broth or chicken stock but I prefer to make it fresh.

amira fatin says:

coconut water

Crash Euphorix says:

this is some of zzirGrizz’s best quickscopes

Anna Valencia says:

if it is really a soup you must look at the ratio of the soup : toppings =
5 : 4 minimum and not the whole toppings in the coconut shell.

Cooking Thai Food says:

@Berrymore84, The main liquid for this soup is from chicken stock so it
would not be a similar soup if you used anchovy stock. If you did not want
to use chicken then probably better to use plain water instead, but the
flavor would be more plain. I have never heard of anchovy stock so I can’t
give an opinion about it specifically. However, we encourage
experimentation so please try anything you like and let us know how it goes!

Cooking Thai Food says:

Yes, it is fun to scoop out the remaining coconut meat after you have
finished the soup – so delicious. Plus, you don’t need to wash this bowl,
just add it to the compost!

Princess Anita says:

can i put crab too???

maybegoodable says:

hi teacher:°) if you can make a video about how to make the fish cake that
are so delicious; thanks soooooooooo much hug from france

Cooking Thai Food says:

Thai fish sauce is used much like salt is used in western cuisine, so any
substitute for fish sauce should have a salty taste.

mini mum says:

woow thank uuu, taste amazing!! better than restaurants!!!

K9 Senpai says:

Why, why why would you put it in a coconut shell…. You can finish it all
that way!

Cooking Thai Food says:

@maybegoodable I will soon


I love thai foodㅠㅠ

Cooking Thai Food says:

@leach108 it ‘s galangal. It looks similar to ginger but they are different.

TheAvanza says:

nice …. i hope it taste good… nice job..

Abdul Malik says:

Love you lady. You are very cute. Keep it up

zayyani fauzy says:

I bet this recipe is catered for the western taste. im from Malaysia n we
preferably like this soup hot… 2 chillies aint enough =) nice version
though. regards

Belinda Myminisode says:

Hi there, which milk and chilli paste to use? Fresh milk or full cream? As
for the chilli paste, any brand in particular?

Cooking Thai Food says:

Another good suggestion.

Cheer Pantharangkul says:

ทำเก่งอะ i like it

Cooking Thai Food says:

@nuke1989 Hi, please note that this recipe I add both lemon grass and lime
leaves and Tom Yam has two kinds. The first one is clear soup and the
second one is thick soup. This recipe is the thick one and we call it in
Thai Nam Kon. The Tom yam Nam Kon is added milk and chili pasted in to it.
Again please note that milk and coconut milk are totally different. I added
milk to Tom Yam not ” coconut milk” . Tom ka we use coconut milk not milk
and that why we call Tom Ka “Coconut Soup”

nattipat vesverute says:


jamini0007 says:

thailand is very easy recipe thaifooddiary

JonnyRocco says:

she is ssssmokin hot!

deadcell1 says:

Wow.. a beautiful woman that knows how to cook.. thats like finding gold in
the middle of the street. extremely rare. by any chance your still single?

Jim . says:

Love Thai food, my girlfriend is of Thai origin, and she’s an awesome cook.
Thanks for the demonstration :)

maxmikeys says:

Wow! thank you, i’m gonna try :) x

mithra saree says:

what type of milk you used here? coconut milk or just s fresh milk??

MtEdeNLov3R says:

I would put in the chili paste after you bring the broth to a boil then do
all those things then I would either cut or chop the chili’s and put them
in I would add salt and pepper then add fish sauce and then put in the
chopped cilantro and stir in lightly while turning the heat off

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