Trip In Pattaya Bangkok 2013

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BGM フリーBGM・音楽素材MusMus

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Siradhanai Phungnoi says:

I’m Thai and you’re absolutely right.

henoke101 says:

dam that flight attendant was banging …

Shapka says:

omg patt-eeya city, so good.

Darron Rogers says:

Cartexx i will be their 20 sept look me up. We can hang at walking street

Saleh Alsaleh says:


Dalezo says:

love it

seminyak696969 says:

Mixx disco is shitm I wouldn’t be paid to go there. Furthermore, Pattaya
has turned into a shithole full of crime and full of Russians and other

SilemTube says:

Happy a go go bar and Mix Disco Club

carrtex says:

I’m going to pattaya next month, where the best places to go?

telor davies says:

00.35… who is she, where is she… and why is she not sitting on my face,
Always ?!!

Alex Sanders says:

One dope Pattaya vid :)

Kourosh Ghaheri says:

Pretty soon i shall be there .I love it

pretorious700 says:

Pattaya is fun for a couple of days, but get out of there and head for koh
samet or koh chang.

Jonothun Smeeth says:

that f’ing music is horrible.

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