TU110 – The Nine Auspicious Thai Desserts – BE 20

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mnbaa88 says:

ExCellent school project..! Congrats..!

KoalaVG says:

Khau chai mak! This is very information and I shall will try to learn how
to cook these desserts. 

nazi gill says:


joanniieeb says:

Thankyou! I really enjoyed this video and how much information there was –
i hope you have make more videos to share!

Jen B says:

Just loved it! I love the history and meaning of the deserts ….. well
done you guy’s :)!!!! …… I hope to see more videos like this to learn
the Thailand culture

mitchelljarvis2010 says:

A fantastic very informative video! Well done ! Your English language
skills are excellent and you helped me understand Thai culture more. I hope
you will do many more videos. Thank you…………Kap khun karp !

edayn1281990 says:

shes a cutie :) food looks good too :)

momonapjune says:

สวยมากเลยค่ะ ชอบมากกก

Arporn Tensai says:

very good command of English

Angela Tomski says:

Ur english are great no need for subtitle. :)

m1nisw3ets says:

i love thai desserts..i just don’t know how to make them..please do a

David Hann says:

you got my attention, great job! A+ on that project. it had history,
meaningful story and short but informative description. i love thai
dessert, not just because im Thai but because they wake all my senses. this
is the best video. please do more projects or videos kop pun krup.

Angela Tomski says:

Uuugh? I’ll have one of everything. Lol

MegaSuperfat says:


Stacey Mackey says:

Very informative, thank you. Fantastic english language skills. x

ElleCeeSf says:

Your guy’s English are very good. :) the dishes look very interesting!
Please do a how to video.

ElleCeeSf says:


Gaochong Moua says:

love it!! I would love to sample one of each, or better yet, can I have a

preenapa detchsri says:

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