Vegan Thai Green Curry – Cooking with Monami Frost

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Cooking with Monami Frost
Vegan Thai Green Curry

Ingredients –

1 medium/large onion
4-5 garlic cloves
1 small piece of ginger
2 lemongrass stalks
300g – 400g button mushrooms
100g tenderstem broccoli
1 tsp green curry paste (I used “Maesri”)
3 tbsp vegetable bouillon
2 x 400g cans of Coconut milk
1 tbsp sesame oil

300g rice to serve the curry with


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LeLouBeauty says:

You can tell that you’re really in your element in this video. I think it’s
your best one yet :)

JenniHatMineLieb says:

Don’t cut your videos so much. You’re awesome and funny moments aren’t bad.
Or something you said wrong. But you’re really awesome. You’re my idol I’m
happy about that. I would never ever be vegan, but my boyfriend is eating
low carb since one year now and he’s happy with that. I do it too when I’m
living with him together. It’s healthy too when you do it right. : )
Nice wishes! 

Bonnie Corban SFX says:

That was an awesome recipe! I love your videos, your so adorable ♥️

Del ectra says:

Just simple: More videos from you :D Love cooking videos, love Q&A videos,
love your daughter in the videos…just do what you want :)

ItsMeAntho says:

Esta mujer es jodidamente adorable *u*

sicksailorz says:

You seem so much more confident now! You’re adorable. :)
Definitely going to try this <3.

Fabian Vanegas says:

I love you’re instagram & I’m such a fan of your channel ! Never stop
making videos :)

Natalie Mceachern says:

Keep the videos coming!!! Love the accent btw 

Cassidy Jones says:

I can tell your getting more & more comfortable talking on camera
I’m glad c:
Your fantastic 

goodomens says:

Why does it cut so much? I love the videos though, especially happy that
you’re doing cooking videos!

angel lopez says:

Nmmmm I love Asian and Indian foods. I’ve always wanted to try curry now I
can make it ..where are you from and what is your ethnic background? Do you
have any recipes from your culture…if so ease share!! I love your accent

Novel Reed says:

I love curry but I’ve never had green curry.

Leslie Che says:

that is 1 big spoon for eating XD

Dream C says:

Love the video! :) I’m from Thailand and I dont even know how to cook haha

dyna199 says:

So glad you’re making yt vids! x

Brenda Bingham says:

Oh my gosh thank you so much! I love curry but didn’t think I could make it
anymore since I’ve gone vegan, I saw all the curry paste in my house had
shrimp in it? I didn’t realize to look for green curry paste, awesome
recipe :)

Tom Banner says:

Looks so yummy, defiantly wanna try this!

Sophie Manson says:

cant wait to see more cooking videos :D

Anna Felka says:

deffinitly going to try this recipe out!

polakdawido says:

I followed on insta :)

Violet DS says:

Sveiciens no aukstas Latvijas! Nofilmē kkādu video krievu vai latviešu
valodā. :)))

Christopher Harper says:

I really enjoyed!

Corey Harris says:

that looks so amazing :D

Глеб Мстиславский says:

Monami, please do more “cooking” videos?

piercednscarred says:

Hello! I’ve been following you for awhile and I’m so glad you started
making videos. You come across as such a sweet, genuine, kindhearted person
and you are so inspirational! It’s very rare to see that these days and I
just wanted to tell you that you’re so awesome! :) 

AbyssalKhaos says:

I was about to go to bed… and now I’m SO hungry haha!
I love rice as well, it’s one of my favorite foods. Also I totally agree on
the whole “veganism taught me variety” thing, I discovered so many yummy

Ariana R. Noah says:

By far your best video! You seem more confident and i could actually hear
you more clearly (: your kitchen is so plain and elegant looking I love it,
im not vegan but i can’t wait to have my own family one day so we can try
vegan meals together and discover new foods♡ can’t wait to see more videos

Kati Yam says:

Hell yeah bok choy!!!!
I can pretty much get all these items in my local Asian grocery store.
Perhaps one day I will try cooking for myself :) I love being able to see
you in your home going about your daily activities outside if instagram.
You are absolutely lovely. 

Kaja Nowaczkiewicz says:

You are amazing. Love Your videos and Your whole family. Your daugther is
really adorable

chambalambaable says:

Hi Monami! How did you manage the Veganism with Gabriela in like the
Kindergarden? My Kid is “only” vegetarian and it causes a lot of Problems
with eating in Kindergarden or even Bad comments from other Kids .. Can you
Tell me your experience and give Tips? (Sry for my Bad english)

federikashout says:

Since you like cooking I would suggest you to try out some sicilian recipes
perfectly suitable for vegans, like pasta with cauliflower and breadcrumbs,
pasta with fried aubergines and tomato sauce (fried aubergines may not be
the healthiest food but taste soo good!:D), caponata, green beans with
garlic and breadcrumbs… Italian cuisine in general is actually really
diverse and we do eat lots of vegetables. I thought you might find it
interesting :)

guillermo romero says:

Yeeeei new vegan food video, congratulations for your confidence in this
one, i’m waiting for the next video ::)

Jana Jonhardsdóttir says:

looking forward to your videos about veganism. I think your a great role
model for becoming vegan, keep it up ;) <3

Yourmomschesthair72 says:

Another thing you could add is Tofu! I love to make Tofu and Vegetable
curry! <3 Also could have the tofu fried as well, or just cook it a little
bit so it's still soft. 

AnandaStranger says:

This is your best video ever! You look SO natural, happy, relaxed… I
absolutely LOVE it! I suggest you talk a little about the kind of music you
like. Kisses and love from Brazil! You’re amazing <3 P.S: I want SO BAD
being a vegan too and your video make me want it even more!

Kitija Kundzina says:

You seem more confident in this video than the previous ones, keep up the
good work, lepojamies ar Tevi, Iren!

Onyx Alone says:

You remind me of juno with your hair like that cx 

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