Walking Street Pattaya Nightlife – Attractions Things To Do [2018]

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Walking Street Pattaya Nightlife – Attractions Things To Do [2018]


Rogue Male says:

Promo girls,are not usually barfineable.But,of course you can get anything in Pattaya-at a price!

Arun Shariff says:

Don't just concentrate on the skinny sticks do the same with busty ones man..

Jor B says:

Alcatraz had an agressif mamasam. On the concrete pilars was a sign ‘barfine from 650 bth. But she told me the girl i like was 1600 ! I was like goodbuy no thanks. Mamasam takes 950 for herself.

Brummie Brink says:

Great video Food Travel 101.

newblizz says:

Food Travel 101 could you specify what you mean with "not the best quality" regarding skyfall girls? Their Appearance, or their constumer interaction?
Very nice video btw.

Swaggerlot says:

Plenty of beef for 'Food Travel 101" at Skyfall tonight 555

Wail fmh11 says:

Excellent Video good Thanks

Shallu King says:

Why sad background music
You make my heart cried…
This type of life not make you happy
Have you ever think what these girls feel or think when they sleep with many mens just talk to them and feel them….

Gregory Fortner says:

I like the ones in the sailor outfits.

Dave Murray says:

Nice girls !

1CBRDUDE says:

These girls have a tough life trying to hustle to get money with so much competition around . For those who condemn what they do you don't live in there shoes I have seen it first hand . Keep up the good video work !

Christer Stefansson says:

Did the young girls go home last week ? No one under 27 and no one under 85 kg…. Yaahk ….

Vashaq Vashaq says:

Thank you so much👍

Kapone DAoC - HG says:

nice video FT

Carlo 1946344 says:

a mixture of girls, some for the pedofilians some for the americans, short legs, big arses and bellys, and fake racks ;)

Andrei Nein says:

Thanks gods no more ladyboys :P

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