Walking Street Pattaya Thailand Virtual Tour Pattaya

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Film about Walking Street in Pattaya Thailand


LMG Light-Machine-Gun says:

Pattaya city is fucken full of russian.

John Smith says:

The great thing about these bargirls is that they really enjoy their work.
I took a 23 year old stunner back to my room and she wouldn’t leave my old
fella alone all night. The next day she could have left any time she wanted
but stayed til 6pm. She didn’t get any extra baht either. 

robotpanda77 says:

Great bodies though their faces need some work and they need to learn to
smile more.

John Smith says:

i eat thai pussy all day every day
i can’t get enough thai girls ass on my face

Joachim De Rader says:

everyone women has there price walking down this street

hannah39 says:

They need to clean that place up. It looks like Times Square used to.

abbas karimi says:

بسیار عالی
very good

iamnot qwer says:



Nekro Olea says:

Pussy and ping pong? =O! me want! <3

Ilove TRAvellinG says:

its all depend on ur money< <<<>>>>>

Apochea says:

nice vid…looks fun

Miguel poks says:

just wan to ask those u have went here already. How much money do you guys
bring to really like enjoy this kind of place. i mean including all the
drinks and girls..

Smokey Rockwell says:

I would love to visit Thailand. It’s a big boy’s Disneyland. And just like
Disneyland, I would probably wind up blowing my wad in less than an hour. I
would blow my other wad as well. I would need a coach to help me pace
myself. Cuz there I would be. Both wads blown. Me, my empy pockets, empty
scrotum and full of regret…An all around awesome time!

reddevilparatrooper says:

My firggin platoon would go nuts in this place.I had a bad time in
Frankfurt Germany just tracking down my fire team back in the day 24 years
ago.Wrap it before you tap it!!!Be a safe Paratrooper!!As my old First
Sergeant used to say!!

decoysk says:

they love you short time !

explodeaload says:

That is so true, I have seen this at the airport they are standing there
crying there eyes out, the guy goes into the departure area and she stops
crying… Like it never happened, you could if you wanted to just walk over
say hi and bingo.

thedontletthemchange says:

which season to go for best.

Alex Wirt says:

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mulano Da Travel Boy says:

Look up,”Mulano in Costa Rica” for videos of exotic chicks!

onefoodstamp says:

wow between the pussy writes a letter show and pussy drinks a coke show, i
dont kno what i would choose

explodeaload says:

Hi Buddy, After you have bought and paid for your return ticket. You will
need around $2,000Au. for an awsome 10 days.

explodeaload says:

You will be ok mate, The place is crazy with so much to offer have fun
thats what life is all about.

PaintballMoHawk says:

Hey i have an idea….. lets invade this place … YEAH come on america !!!

eric kelley says:

damn man these thai girls got sum fucking nice pussies, lol these guys
takin the vids are savages too, lol I’m a bodybuilder also imma fuckin go
there no shirt hella small fitted shorts and walk by and literally OWN all
those old and out of shape motherfuckers. not talkin about u guys tho u
guys r legit legit vid also 5 stars man

explodeaload says:

It’s a very cool place 2 and a bit hours from Bangkok, Just hit the Google

okidot says:


asianthor says:

Dude, besides airfare and the hotel stay and very affordable food with
$1,000 in spending money you would come back to the states the happiest man
on planet earth. You can do the craziest shit you can think of with 2 young
girls(16 yr’s is legal there). It’s fucked up if you’re a perv and looking
for younger tail which is unfortunately many men go looking for in poor
countries like Thailand. That’s not cool.

explodeaload says:

True to that…

Chiwami San says:

haha lol sorry but the chance finding true Love in that area is extremely
low.. and Btw Watchout .. alot of scammers there.. and most scammers are
girls Secuding you there…

PaintballMoHawk says:


killdaclownz says:

YUp…..love u LONG TIME!!!

TruIyBlessed says:

I can see myself getting myself into a little trouble here, Hehe!

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