WALKING STREET “Song Pattaya Pattaya”

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Situé à Pattaya il est tenu par 2 Français.
Bar et restaurant ouvert 24H sur 24H.
Point de chute des francophones, connu pour sa situation géographique proche de la plage (100 mètres), des centres commerciaux et de la Walking street pour ceux qui aime la vie nocturne.

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manos3790 says:

If western women weren’t such conceited, selfish, obese trollopes , men
wouldn’t travel to Pattaya or Angeles City to seek solace in nicer natured
women. FACT!

Erik Hartmann says:

White women not needed anymore.

0309Unknown says:

Fuck !!!.. Russisch Ruben is bad !!! … European € is only 39 Baht and not
45 Baht anymore.

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON MEN ?.. I need Pattaya so save € and Ruben :(

Jonas Sekse Syversen says:

I love Pattaya!

Dufus Rufus says:

I want this song as my ring tone!!

Вечное Лето (Жизнь в Тайланде) says:

Мы живём в Таиланде. Здесь здорово) Но на эту улицу не ходим. Сходили как
приехали, и всё. Нам нравится ходить на ночные рынки, в торговые центры, на

flyinbard72 says:

Nice place to visit and spent some good time with nice music,beer
and ladies!

محمد العازمي says:

الذنوب والمعاصي يارب يارب يارب اغفر لنا

Chaaon _ says:


MrEgg1977 says:

Half of the stupid dumb fuck comments on here are from people who have
never been to patteya or they are just some stupid idiot american slags
with 6 kids on welfare 

SupR87 says:

Паттая,Паттая трансвеститов докуя))

Kaewta Mali says:

WALKING STREET “Song Pattaya Pattaya”: http://youtu.be/llP8n7n2ou4

ILiveandBreathe007 says:

great video

ireneusz czech says:
Jim Boedeker says:

There is a lot more to Pattaya than the brothels, bar girls and street
walkers. Just as there is much more to Thailand than the sex trade. If
that is why anyone goes there I am sad for you. The Thai people are a
wonderful people with a rich culture. I am married to a Thai woman, my own
age and she has introduced me to a better life. When you watch the
foreigners trolling for sex you don’t know whether to laugh at them or
spray them with a hose. They would be funny if not for the shame they
bring to all white people.

pretorious700 says:

I have to laugh at the ignorant comments here. Men never get sex for
“free”, there are always stipulations, that’s how women are, and have
always been.

Sheldon Penner says:


The ugly, hurtful, mean-spirited comments posted here demand a response,
and here it is, in defense of the whores of Pattaya and their customers.

Yes, Pattaya is home to many of all sexes selling their services. Too
smart and too spirited to submit to the dreariness and poverty of life in
the rice paddies, or to exploitation in a factory sweat shop, or to slavery
to a feckless and unfaithful husband, they choose to draw upon their
extraordinary god-given beauty and charm to support themselves, their
parents and their children.

In other places, where the Puritans prevail, the threat of prison would
force them underground to be victimized by pimps and human traffickers.
But here in Pattaya it is not like that. Here they flourish and bring joy
and excitement and relief to servicemen far from their homes and loved
ones, to travelers seeking adventure, and yes, to lonely old geezers and
others who would otherwise be alone and desolate, jerking off to porno web
sites. Losers, you might call us, but why the winners should so vehemently
begrudge the losers some solace is puzzling.

The whores I have met here have by and large been honest and goodhearted.
They have treated me well and I have tried to be good to them in return.
Go ahead and flame me, Puritans, if it makes you feel superior. I will be
celebrating tonight in Pattaya, and my heart, as always, will overflow with
love, admiration and gratitude.

God bless the wonderful whores of Pattaya!


pattaya pattaya jajajja life is thailand

sunny lilly says:

Whoring is not being exploded or tiring please dude what’s your IQ??????

sunny lilly says:

My mistake blowjobs for 50 freaking cents that’s how it is I wonder how you
would feel if your sister had that life IDIOT!!!!?

Gerard Lienere says:

bravo et merci a toi charly et j espere te revoir bientot

shelleyinthecity says:

This place if full of old white men from US, UK, Aus, and Europe who are
perverts and can’t get women on their own so they fly half way across the
world to pay for hookers old enough to be their granddaughters.

sunny lilly says:

Why do they all walk like chimpanzees

Percy Shaw says:

Please check out my Walking Street song! (Featured on my channel) THANKS :)

TheKickeur says:

sa donne envie de passez de vacance.

Alphonse Remy says:

La honte de l’Asie , la Thaïlande . Bande de salope .

sodthong says:

Its full of pox ridden whores scamming sad old men for money.

Kanal warmesonne says:

That’s right, the majority die in traffic accidents. The majority of Thais
are like foolish children in traffic, disrespectful, inconsiderate and
rude. The rest of the dead are tourists viewing the sexually disturbed
eating lots of Viagra and then die of heart failure. And the last part are
by K.O. Drop tourists killed …

Kanal warmesonne says:

The hookers only like the money and nothing more. That´s it…

patcharee doungpun says:

I go wiht my boyfriend last year but not so good i dont like pattaya

PiratesPirate1 says:

Disneyland for men. It’s Pattaya baby!


They like anything that moves and has money. Even if you are some
disgusting smelly bald hobo with cash they will love you.

Lorne Goodman says:

Two people die in Pattaya every day i read years ago and the body snatchers
fight over the dead bodies mosty from motor vehicle accidents i believe.

TheVitalij24 says:

tagiol sal raciste pute

Kanal warmesonne says:

And I have also a question: For what you will stay Pattaya? If you want
hookers you can be in your own country. This is much cheaper. You can look
like the last tramp if you have money they like you, no matter how old.
There are just only hookers nothing more…

Joaquin Styles says:

Ahhhhh! Pattaya Thailand, where the girls are Hella sexy and the Ladyboys a
great, just watch out for those freelancers and the Jet Ski scam other than
that this is THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH for Adults.

Kanal warmesonne says:

The song is known. Why is the viedo to 80 percent only the hookers??
Pattaya is really just a brothel? Is that really the only Pattaya? The true
fact is: NOT, although that is also Pattaya, but not only. The original
Pattayaner living here will not be pleased. You could also make another
video, right? Pattaya and its surrounding area is beautiful, but which of
the sexually disturbed foreigners has been eyes for it? – Disgusting
bastards… …

BATSMinimoi says:

I have a question, is that girls like boys between 19-20 years because we
would like to go there ba group? Translation by Google

PiratesPirate1 says:

The girls like young men or old men, or any men if the men have money.

abc123gpl says:


robertozizi says:

humm je bande

Joaquin Styles says:

thai girls like young man and older man.

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