Walking Street Style – Nightlife in Pattaya, Thailand | Thai HD Video

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Visit my website at http://www.junglejoel.com – Walking Street on a relatively quiet night in March – Pattaya, Thailand. Please rate and comment, thanks!


jack ham says:

don’t choose wrong ‘lady’ dude…wrong lady is wrong hole..

Discofreestyle says:

What’s your name baby? Dave i think…

bikerscout2012 says:

Ladyboys or not. If they’re absolutely stunning with a nice rack and
slobbing your knob, who cares? Keep a little mystery and magic in your
life. It’s good for you.

George Mitchell says:

Russians have ruined Patts!!

jspin1103 says:

Wonder if those chicks ever get dizzy.

sodthong says:

Russians have ruined the place, they don’t spend money, just walk around
and cause trouble.

RonnieLanefan says:

what a honey at 3.49 to 4.14

carbonclanrus says:

у вас паранойя ;)

Hitsugaya Namikaze says:

this place is full of confused gender ppl, its hard to tell which is a guy
and which is a girl , and which is a guy trying to pretend to be like a
girl …. fucked up

prasit pengsri says:

เห็นด้วยครับ อีพวกห่าตุ้ดกระเทยทั้งนั้นเลย

MyIceman12345 says:

To many LadyBoys LMAO

Manfred Scherb says:

ein video voll mit ladybovs

killersushi99 says:

99.9% sure that was a dude. XD

prasit pengsri says:

อีลินดา กุรู้ว่ามึงคนไทย ทำกระแดะมาด่าเป็นภาษาอังกฤษกับกูนะสัส

Jon Phillips says:

Been to Pattaya many times, the normal rules apply here as they do
anywhere. Drink responsibly, treat people with respect, enjoy yourself and
have fun. What people do with their own bodies or lives is not for you or
me to judge. Some of these people are here to support a struggling family,
you can buy a girl a drink, play pool or whatever, doesn’t mean you have to
take it any further.

Reza Mobasseri says:

youre dead on! I counted at least 15 dudes to 1 wo…err,man? Who knows it
could have been all dudes for all I know!

Kennie MusicLovers says:

hello colonelPyro….thanks for the video. I heard there a few
bars…discos…night spots that ripped you off on high price drinks etc.,
what are these places ?

Faisal Mahmood says:

poor country ……………Pakistan is good and saudia arbia is good .butt
i like chins girl its my skype faisalrehmani1

Li- OnGreg says:

Un katoeys

HON thai says:

โอ้ประเทศไทย ไรกันว้า เห็นแล้ว เครียด

Alex Hern says:

Adam’s apple everywhere

~Devil in the dark~ says:

Lol she is lady boy

ColonelPyro says:

-I’ve never really encountered it. Most places on Walking Street advertise
their prices outside (the girls with the signs). With the girl at the end
of this video, 80 baht is pricey for a beer (it’s 59 baht across the
street). But you get to drink it in a go go bar instead of a beer
bar…it’s up to you. The real key is to know the price of any service
BEFORE committing to it.

cc vk says:

oki xx


Take all these girl home ..sleep with her after that if u don’t give her
money she would say SMD LOL

Van Mo says:

If you’re looking for a sword fight, come to Pattaya. lol

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