You Won’t Believe This Scam | Phuket, Thailand

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What happens when you accidentally become part of an international casino heist? Fellow Urbanist Darren Wong likes exploring the scams in cities across the world. Recently on his trip to Phuket, Thailand he encountered what he calls “The Casino Royale” scam. You won’t believe what happens next…


Anthony Farrar says:

What an idiot.

kesayo says:

Are you sure you both aren’t just retarded? Because that’s what it sounds like.

mrmongo673 says:

"Be careful out there"…

fatwallet13 says:

You're scamming our time, nothing interesting about this story quite boring. You need to do better. Won't see me here again

Susan Eberhardt says:

7:50 Wait…. I thought he was already in Thailand in the story? Now i'm lost…

Jerry Vdm says:

I would tell the guy to go f### himself, first off, …

spud0606 says:

That tattoo has to be really small to fit on his arm!

Mmmm Bbbb says:

I was gonna make a racist joke but Phuket.

Sjffhfj Cntgj says:

An hour ago an airport taxi in phuket drove 30min to take me to a travel agency! The sad part he is a muslim like me and spoke arabic! 🙄

This is my 3rd trip to phuket and the my first scam 🤣

waileng p says:

What a lousy story!

Keith Joslin says:

WoW!, this happened to me over 10, 15 years ago to me. I had lost a lot a money at the time, as it was the 1st week in Bangkok for the first time, and I did not have the information that we do have now thanks to Youtoube. I am very wary of people coming up to me now. I am all ways looking out. If you have a gut-filling that some think is not right, just come away, and enjoy your holiday. It took me a long time to get over that.

povang says:

"When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is."

Dax Mac says:

"you can't cheat an honest man"

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